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This study focuses “THE NATURE AND ROLES OF TEAM BUILDING IN CORPORATE ACHIEVEMENT”. An attempt will be made forward research work on how team building is essential to organisation achievement, types, causes and possible solution to arrive at corporate achievement among the staff or Bankers of Bank PHB Osogbo Branch office Osun-State. This study will also examine various teams building in corporate achievement, how team building can enhance corporate achievement, procedure and how to develop a team toward the goal and objective in an organisation. Finally, this project work has limited its focus on team building  in the corporation contribute effectively and efficiently to the management or board directors to enhance and motivate commitment and dedication among workers to work jointly in achieving corporate goals.




It is highly imperative to understand every concept behind the schedule of responsibilities the discharge of the responsibilities and the responsible factors that will aid the proper execution of an objective decision.

However, business in Nigeria, corporate, private, corporations, entrepreneurs have fell short of their expectation. In this wise it is very important to look into causes of their problem.

Besides, Team building has been the most neglected relevant tool towards achieving the corporate organization objective. Thus, in Nigeria of today the kind of practices they adopt does not allow the spirit of team work to prevail. For any organization to achieve its corporate objective team work is of great concern.

Moreso, building a high performing team is about leadership. Therefore, leadership in today’s business world has never been as important and challenging as currently experienced. The dynamic nature of business practice and environment has challenged greatly the way things are done in the business world.

The strategies and structure that worked in period of stability have failed in this era of rapid change. Although, this calls for a rethink. Thus, new strategies, structures and systems demand new styles of leadership. Leadership today requires leader who are able to  tap into the resources of the group that is, leadership who can release the initiative and leadership in everyone. (Maxwell, 1977).

Furthermore, as a practicing entrepreneur, if you truly desire to build an effective team or become a master mechanic of team effectiveness you must understand what lies under the hood of a highly effective team. Hence, one need to appreciate that they live in an era of change and that competitive advantage will be determined by an organisation ability consistently deliver quality, service and value. Thus, the organisation must do what it does better, faster, cheaper and with fewer resources.

Based on available evidence, Macmillan (2001), concluded that, every member of the organisation must be involved in getting the organizationship to the destination and safety anchored at the port. Although, attempt here is to spread the stress of change and create a structure with speed, flexibility, and collective competence that would survive and win in today’s tough business environment. The assumption is that there is a leader in every person. The team structure provides a medium for the expression of the function expertise of the team members. In a nutshell, it is expected of the team leader to find and facilitate the collective element of leadership within the team.


The numerous causes have been identified such that could hinder the existence of an organisation, like problems of human resources, poor leadership control, not working as an entity avoiding responsibilities and so on.

All these could be attributed to lack of team spirit which has remain a problem to solve in our world.

Bank PHB of old could not really specify the concept of team work. This could be reflected when they introduced some product in the past and such product could not see the light of the day. But the New Bank PHB have been able to understand the concept behind the team work, recently a sponsored program by Bank PHB tagged apprentice African have reflected that it is highly important to work as a team in other to achieve collective result and collectively be praised for such success.


This project work is aimed at looking at the importance of a team in an organisation in achieving corporate goals and objectives and to examine how team building can and would enhance an organisational corporate achievement, also to propel ways of building a good team towards corporate achievement and goals.

However, the following are the objectives of the study.

i.             To show how a team can simply do more than what an individual can do alone i.e. synergy effect and principle.

ii.            To make prissy how a team provide diverse ways and methods in reaching a goal because individual perception is seldom to a team broad and deep as a group. When it takes on a challenge.

iii.           To make known how a team discover new solution to enhance an organisation effectiveness, cohesiveness and togetherness in achieving corporate goals and objectives

iv.          To declare the importance of a team in achieving and affording more resources, ideas, innovation and energy than an individual or group cannot do alone.


The significance of this study is to assist organisations, corporations and government parastatals in order to perceive and focus how teamwork is essential to organisational corporate achievement.

Also, to discover how team building can support the achievement of corporate goals and objectives of an organisation, government parastatals and corporations so as to contribute effectively and efficiently to the management or board directors to enhance and motivate cooperation, commitment and dedication among workers to work jointly in achieving corporate goals.


This research work is expected to cover some aspect of team building types, importance, challenges, how to improve team, how it can be formed, different types of responsibilities that can be appointed to each types of team building to the organisation in the Bank PHB, how they are going to actualise their roles and performance in Bank PHB to the human resource department or personnel department for proper achievement of the organisation goals and objectives.


This project work has been limited majorly by the following constraints

1.            time constraints

2.            financial constraints

3.            material constraints


i.        Time constraints: The time taken to travel in searching for information and relevant materials as well as writing of the project is a constraint.

ii.       Financial constraint: To carry out this project successfully, huge amount is needed and to make a meaningful generalisation for a population. It is necessary that a relatively large sample should be studied to give remarkable representation of the entire population.

iii.      Material constraints: To get materials for writing this project is constraint because more information is searching for in the library and internet (web site).


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