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The major aim of this project work is to the role of teachers in the upbringing of students in Egor local government area of Edo State. The design was a descriptive survey. The sample consisted of teachers and principals of selected secondary schools. The study attempted to answer the following questions.

1.            Do teachers contribute to the upbringing of children?

2.            Is there significant relationship between the teachers role and students confidence through the action of the teacher.

3.            Does the teacher play important role in the emotional development of the students?

Instrument used for data collection was questionnaires data collected were analyzed using descriptive statistics. Results showed that teachers the up-bringing of children and students. It is recommended that government and other employers of teachers should put more effort in the training development of teachers, improve the remuneration of teachers. And make the teaching professions an attractive one.


Chapter One        


Background of study

Statement of problem

Purpose of study

Significance of study

Research question/hypothesis

Scope of study

Limitations of study

Definition of terms

Chapter Two       

Literature review

Chapter Three     



Population of study

Sample and sampling techniques

Instrument of data collection

Validity of instrument

Reliability of instrument

Administration of instrument

Method of data analysis

Chapter Four       

Analysis of data

Presentation of data

Chapter Five        








Teaching and learning are the different sides of the same coin. Learning is intended to bring about change in behaviour while teaching is to instill in the learner characteristics such as attitude, value adhered to lay down procedure, ruled and principles which are expected to cause the change in behaviour. The understanding of the world teaching is imperative to the understanding of the role its practitioner plays in the upbringing of the students. There might be one and encompassing definition of the word teaching but attempt have been made to define and explain it, this is moreso as teaching has a meaning, purpose and a degree structure or level (Imogie, 1999). Teaching can be defined in terms of socialization to mean interpersonal influence aimed at changing the ways in which one person can ior will behave. This definition therefore makes teaching an everybody’s business int eh society especially as socialization of citizens in the society can be influenced not only by the school but by other agents- Religious centres, mass media and the family.

Teaching, them is the content of such interactive human relationship designed to promote behaviourable change since one of the major objectives of education is to produce good and useful citizens in the society. The important of teachers and teaching cannot be over emphasized. The importance of teaching lies in the fact that, it is a process where by the various educational programmes are translated into action at the classroom. This today through teaching, the teacher decides what kind of people or to be more specific, kind of person we shall be. Teaching as a processed will make a nation in as effort at social economic and political development; attain desire goals which depends on the efficiency and determination of teacher. It is important to known at this point who is a teacher.

In all societies of the world, it is a known fact that education starts in the house or rather from the home, children learn to speak and to do things by imitating their parents, relations, peers etc during early days this process of socialization was done by several people who had no formal training. However, as a society become complex, interogenous and specialized, the need for formal education or training arose. Children writer introduced to formal education under the care and tutelage of a specialized personnel whose training and duties are to inculcate in the young child value norms rules and all standard of the society is into exist this personnel. Is the teacher.


Understand the importance of teaching in the development of individuals it is pertinent to examine the place of the teacher. This study therefore is to examine the role of of teachers in the upbringing of students. In this study the factors responsible for the continuous participation of teachers in the task of teaching will all be looked into.

This study therefore looks at problems -what are the roles of teachers in the upbringing of students: consequently the following research questions are set for answering in this study.

What are the possible roles of government in the teacher education scheme?

To what extent have private school actually affected teaching and learning process in teacher education.

What are actually the contribution of both private and public school in the teaching and learning process?


The purpose is to identify the role of teachers in the upbringing of students the study investigate the role of both government and private school in teacher education scheme and the contribution of private school to teaching and learning process.

Parents, authorities and other complain of the unruling behaviour of students of secondary school, institution of higher learning. The mass media- radio, television newspaper report confrontation, demonstration damages of privates and public properties lack of good manner and character presentation, all these are as a result bad upbringing by parents and other guidance.

This study will help to:

Inculcate disciplinary action carried at training in self control and confident on the part of the children of any kind approved by the school authority.

To be able to solve the emotional problem of his/her students.

To know the students with learnuing disabilities and difficulties.

To be able to present to the society good and quality students that will represent the school and society at large in the future.


This research hypotheses are stated in alternative and null hypothesis which are (H1and H2) respectively.


H1      Teachers contributes to the upbringing of students

H2      Teachers do not contribute to the upbringing of students


H1      There is significant relationship between the teachers’ role and the children confidence through the inculcation of disciplinary action from the teacher.

H2      There is no significant relationship between the teachers’ role and the children confidence through the inculcation of disciplinary action from the teacher.


H1      The teacher’s role is of significant importance in solving student’s emotional problems.

H2      The teacher’s role is of no significant importance in solcving student’s emotional problems.


The outcome of the study into this research topic will show the inadequacies or otherwise of the role of teachers in the upbringing of students.

There would be advantageous implication for classroom practice, curriculum planning and students achievement. The study will also enable us to see how our students see teachers and how teachers want to be seen.

Further still, the study will enable us know what to add into the upbringing or training process that will help improve the internal adjustment of teacher-students relationship and ensure enduring learning achievement.


Due to short time sands financial constraint the research is restricted to junior secondary school students and teachers in selected secondary schools in Egor local government area. These schools are;

1.            Uselu Secondary School

2.            Iyoba College

3.            Evbareke Secondary School

4.            Eweka Grammar School


Teaching: Activities carried out by a teacher to improve a learner

Teacher: A person who has knowledge of a subject and inculcates it in a learner.

Confrontation: To come face to face with

Socialization: Act of being exposed to the world

Authority: Constituted command of obedience


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