A Proposed Guest House for Akanu Ibiam Federal Polytechnic Uwnana


The project topic Guest house on dilcarised  and analysis about guest house, the design project as proposed to be in Akanu Ibiam Federal Polytechnic Unwana. The guest house is meant to serve the polytechnic at large, especially the teaching and non-teaching staffs who travel all the way from their daily activities in the school. The project Guest house has a limited scope of about 25 rooms and other spaces such as Restaurant, bar, Laundry, kitchen, store etc.




GUEST HOUSE: Is a private house offering accommodations to paying guest.

GUEST HOUSE: Is a kind of lodging. In some parts of the world is guest house is similar to a hostel bed and breakfast or inn where other parts of the world such as (for example the Caribbean), guest house are type of expensive hostel. Like lodging instill others. It is a private home which has been converted for the exclusive use of guest accommodation the owner usually lives in an antidary separate area within the property and the guest house many serves as a form of lodging business. This type of accommodation presents some major benefits such as,

  1. Personalized attention

Healthy and home mode food



Modern design

          In some areas of the world guest house are the only kinds of accommodation available for visitors who have no local relative to stay with. Among the features which distinguish a guest house from a hotel or inn is the lack of a full-time staff.

Guest house are larger than bed and breakfast accommodation typically offering breakfast include in room rate but not licensed to serve alcoholic beverage. Guest house range from low budget rooms to luxury apartments, and tends to be like small hotels in larger cities. They are rated from four stairs (one to five diamonds in UK) on the basis of the level of cleanliness, quality of food, hospilation, and services and whether or not they offer attached bath room it is called boarding house in the U.S.

THE RECEPTION: In a guest house the first place you enter is the reception. A reception is a room areas where guest or visitors.

  1. Present and identify themselves or are received
  2. Registered to stay in the guest house or hotel.

A RECEPTIONIST: I the attribute to the person who is employed by an organization to receive or greet any visitors, patient, archects and answer telephone calls.

DUTIES: The business duties of a receptionist may include answering visitors enquires about a company and its products or services, directing visitors to their destination, sorting and handing.

          Mail answering incoming calls on multiline telephones or cashier in the 20th century, a switch board , setting appointments, filing, records keeping, key boarding data entry and performing variety of other offices tasks, such as fixing or emailing.


Is a type of residential accommodation?

People who travel and stay away for more than a day need lodging for sleep, rest, safety, shelter from cold temperature or rain, strange of luggage and access to common household functions.


The scope of this project is to design a guest house that will serve the polytechnic community and the Uwana /Afikpo public and the trooping visitors of the school especially during post- UTM screening text and registration period.

          The facilities which is required in the guest house are shortlisted below:

  • 25 room
  • Multi purpose hall
  • Restaurant and bar
  • Kitchen
  • Storage facilities
  • Outdoor recreation facilities
  • Car park
  • Convenience


AIMS: The main aim of this project is to provide accommodation for stranger and visitors of the institution and Afikpo at large especially lectures and governing board members operate from afar, and also the trooping population of student who comes for screening text every year as well as those who come for clearance every year. It will equally accommodate researchers from other institutions or organization.

OBJECTIVES: The objective of the project is to design a functional and aesthically pleasing structure that will serve as ahome for strangers as well as visitors and lectures of the institution operating from outside the state and the Afikpo community at large.


Looking at the school environment and even outside the school surrounding there are no standard lodging accommodation facilities that can provide accommodation to visitor and lectures that comes from afar everyday to lecture.

MOTIVATION: The need for a well designed guest house for the people mentioned above the guest house will provide a comfortable accommodation and other services that will make the guest relax in a sere in environment.

The lack of a comfortable lodging accommodation facility and discomfort on lecturer who comes from afar and other visitor of the institution motivated one to engage in this study.


          In the cause of carrying out the study there were quite a number of limitations experience among which are


During the case study or research exercise a large amount of money was spent in transportation to the various places to and fro in order to gather the needed information on the topic.


In some places that we went to, we were denoted access to go in and also information were denied us, in all it hindered us from possing the needed information for a comprehensive complication of case studies.

  1. TIME

Time was a big constraint gathering of information embarking on studies, design etc. needed more time.


The research methods adopted in this project are case study / observation approach (primary data collection) and secondary data collection.

Case study involves visiting existing guest house studying the various activities and facilities, observing the merits and demerit of that existing guest house.

  • Secondary data method of collection is employed sources not directly from the author such as:
  • Using existing literature from text books, publication, magazine and unpublished, material.
  • Use of the internet for further information and data collection
  • International recognized and accepted research encyclopedia, etc.


The site is located in Akanu ibiam federal polytechnic Unwana campus, behind old medical center across the short access road, along the street leading to the staff quarters that is adjacent to the new secondary school block in the medical center/staff quarters area of the school.

  • The school (AKANU IBIAM FEDERAL POLYTECHNIC): The school is located on the east of the town. UNWANA.

UNWANA: UNWANA is a city, town village or other agglomeration of building where people live and work in Afikpo local government. Its center lies at 5.470 N and longitude of7 0560 east and i.e. has an elevation of 73 meters above sea level. The town which is 14km from Afikpo lies on shores of the cross river is endowed with beautiful scenoy from which the came room mountain can be seen in a local government in Ebonyi state.

     Afikpo north bounded on the north by her sister of Ohanozara on the south by the non Igbo speaking king people of Ebom Ediba and Ikumoro, on the south west, Igbo on the east (non-Igbo speaking) and Edda group of villages,(Igbo speaking people along the western bank of cross river) it occupies on area of about 64 square miles (167km2)

EBONYI STATE: EBONYI is a state in Nigeria located in the south of the eastern region; its coordinated is located 625N, 8005E/6.2500N, &00030E.

NIGERIA: Nigeria is among the countries that make up the continent of Africa. It is located between latitude 40N/140N of the equator and between 30E and 150E of the Greenwich meridians; it is made up of 36 states which Ebonyi happen to be one of them.

WIND: Wind is air motion, it is the flow of gases in large scale on the surface of the earth, and wind consists of bulk movement of air. In outer space solar wind is the movement or gases or change particles from the sun through space, while planetary wind is the out gassing of light chemical elements from a planet’s atmosphere into space.

     There are two major kind of wind entering the site:

  1. THE NORTH EAST TRADE WIND: This is the wind from the Sahara desert it is responsible for harmatan and crust.
  2. THE SOUTH WEST TRADE WIND: This wind is from the Atlantic Ocean. It brings in cold air from the Atlantic and it is also responsible for rainfall.
  3. CLIMATIC: The climatic of Afikpo area is moderately high, the area is located within the tropic rain forest and savannah region of the eastern Nigeria the temperature is moderately high during the day time and very low during night.
  4. HYDROLOGICAL CONDITION: Hydrological is the scientific study of the movement, distribution and quality of water on earth and other planets. It is the scientific study of earth’s especially its movement in relation to hand. In Unwana and Afikpo is large the water table is very high, hence the occurrence of surface water from springs and gushers. In the high of this the purpose project after may have been completed may encounter problems of rising damp.
  5. BIOTIC FACTOR: The likely biotic factors in the site are, rodent, reptiles (lizards, snakes etc) and insects. Hence care should be applied alongside technology to prevent or reduce the attack of the biotic factors on  the proposed project for example spraying of insecticides, anti termites and other measures like clearing of the bushes to drive away reptiles.
  6. VEGETATION: Vegetation is a term used to discuss plant in general especially the plants that are found in a particular area or environment. The site( clearance in this site does require much machines except in the aspect of removal of top soil(vegetation soil) as the site can be cleared using manual tools and laborers’.
  7. NOISE: This is only sources of noise to this the …………..close and opposite the new admit bluk under construction that produces heavy noise from the steering lister benyon that are respect for producing light.
  8. POLLUTION (AIR): Air pollution is the contamination of the air by the contamination gases from factors, heavy machines and producing firms into the air which are harmful to man and animal.

Air pollution is not a problem in this area because of the back of the presence of a factory or heavy producing companies.

  1. THORPOGRAPHY: Through Unwana in relation to AFIKPO has general undulating topography characterized by hills and valleys, the site is position in a relatively flat land. Hence is a suitable for construction.
  2.  ACCESS: The site can be access from the two entrances through three roads from the main gate moving along the straight entrance road at the right hand, one can access the site through the right hand branch that leads to the staff school taking the roads curving to the staff quarters through left branch leading to the medical center.
  3.   From the main entrance, taking the right lane, take a L turn at the T junction. Branch on the left road leading to the admin block, going towards the rectors office, take the left branch leading to the medical centre and staff quarters. Immediately you moved pass the medical center there is a cross road from the academic area crossing to the staff area, take the left branch.




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