Student Loan Bill in Nigeria – How to Apply and Requirements

student loan bill and act in Nigeria
Ever since the swearing-in of the 16th President of Nigeria, there have been many governmental changes. However, June 12, 2023, was not only a memorable day for Nigeria's Democracy Day, but it heralds the signing of a major loan bill into the nation's law. The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, signed the student loan bill to provide interest-free loans to students of tertiary institutions, through an education bank that will be established. [lwptoc] What exactly is this student loan act or bill? A student loan act or bill is a law that is established to help improve the rate and affordability of tertiary education. This law helps to reduce the financial burden that may act as a constraint in acquiring education. One of the major challenges affecting the acquisition of quality education by the majority is...
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