Evaluation of the Sensory Properties of Juice Produced From Soupsop and Carrot Blend


Soursop Fruit (Annona muricate) and carrot Vegetable (Daucus carota sub spsativus) were bought weighed and washed. The fruits and vegetables were milled into pulp for extraction of the juices. The extracted juice was measured and mixed in the ratio of 50:50, 70:30, 30:70, 60:40, of soursop and carrot respectively. The juice was homogenized to obtain a well blended mixed fruit and vegetable juice. The preparation was done under normal atmospheric temperature and pressure. Mean sensory scores in Appearance, Colour, Taste, Aroma, Mouth feel of the blended juice were significantly not different (p<0.05) from a popular market brand uses as a control. The overall acceptance of the juice prepared locally were also not significantly different from the market brand used as standard.

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Fruits and vegetables are important sources of essential dietary nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and fibers. Since the moisture content of the fresh fruits and vegetables is more than 80% (Wb). They are highly perishable commodities. The world fruit production was about 609 million MT in 2010 -11 [FAO,2010]. According to the estimate, nearly 20-40% of the fruits are lost due to spoilage, mishandling during transportation and lack of cold storage and processing techniques (Singh et al., 2008).

Food preservation ensures conservation and better utilization of fruits and vegetables through avoiding the glut and utilizing the surplus during the off- season. It is necessary to employ modern methods to extend storage life for better distribution and also processing techniques to preserve them for utilization in the off season (Vidhya and Narain, 2011). The fruits can be preserved by converting it into product like Jam, Jelly, Fruit bar, Juice, Pickle, Murabba etc. to prolong their utilizable lifespan. Fruit juice preparation is one of the easiest ways to preserve fruit.

The production of fruit and vegetable juices is important both from the human health and commercial standpoints. The availability of nutritious component from fruits and vegetables to a wide range of consumers is thus facilitated throughout the year by marketing of their juices includes steps like extraction, clarification and stabilization (Bhat, 2007).

The traditional method of Juice extraction is through the use of mechanical presses viz—, traditional rack and cloth press, screw presesbucher – Guyer horizontal press, and the belt press. Juice extraction can also be done by using diffusion extraction, decanter centrifuge (Beveridge and Rao, 2013), screw type juice extractor, fruit pulper (Lotha et al., 2006) the yield of juice using such juice extraction method can be increased by combining them with various pre – treatment.


Most juices made from fruit are rich in some nutrients and deficient in others. There is hardly a fruit juice that offers all the essential vitamins and minerals.

So there is need to present a vegetable and fruit juice product which could complement one another in nutrients composition.

It provides the body with different nutrient, flavor and taste. Soursop, and carrot are highly perishable because of their high moisture content, they are also seasonal, they are not available to the consumers all year round. During off seasons; they become scare and costly for prepare to consume, if the nutrient contents of these fruits and vegetable can be preserved through processing them into juice, it will become available to all classes of people in Nigeria.



If these fruits and vegetable (soursop, and carrot) are processed into juice and preserved using some preservative. The losses arising from inadequate processing will be reduced, producers and marketers will able to sell these product even at off seasons, thereby combating seasonal gluts, hence more money in the pockets of the farmers.

Juices are often consumed for their health benefits. For example soursop, and carrot are rich in Vitamins, Minerals and Fibers, sources of potassium and high in carbohydrates particularly fructose respectively. It is a healthy natural source of nutrients and it increases public interest in health issue (http./www.allfoodsdrinkguide.com).

Juices from fruits and vegetable has attractive sight; it provide the body with various essential nutrients. They are assimilated into the body easily. It can be consumed at any time.


The objectives and aim of this project are

  1. To provide juice from soursop, and carrot blend.
  2. To evaluate the sensory properties of juice from soursop, and carrot blend.
  3. To ascertain the consumer acceptability of the juice produced from a blend of soursop and carrot juices.




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