Online Plagiarism Checker and its Plus Points for Research Professionals

What is plagiarism and why should writers including research professionals prevent it? Let us consider a generic example to gauge what plagiarism is? Consider that your neighbor comes to you and requests you to lend your car for a day. He can only use your car if you award him with a permission. In other cases, it would be counted as stealing. The same logic is applied in case of plagiarism. When you are using content that belongs to someone else, it is necessary that proper credit is given to the writer who worked on it. It takes immense hard work to develop quality readable content so if someone is using it, the necessary paraphrasing should be done.

The key role of a plagiarism checker

Plagiarism tool is a software which would compare the paraphrased content (find more information about paraphrasing tool here). with information published online. If there are similarities found in your research project, the related parts of the content would be highlighted. If there are highlighted sections, you would have to rephrase them again. Eventually, no parts of the content would be highlighted. This is when you can be sure that the content is 100% original and ready for submission.

A lot of research professionals think that reading the content is sufficient to detect plagiarism. They compare the rephrased content with the original information by reading. Apparently, this option seems suitable but it is not worth counting on. While reading so much content, few lines can be easily skipped. In addition to that, a writer would obviously submit the content if he thinks that there are no plagiarism traces.


Stop wasting time on manual reading practices

The alternative of using a plagiarism checker is reading through the text manually. When you are using this process, you would have to compare what you have written with what the actual author has written. This comparison is done on line wise or page wise basis. Checking assignments with word lengths in thousands is obviously not wise thinking especially when it’s your research based work. It would take several hours to check the assignment. Secondly, there is no reason to do so when you can get done with this task in less time.

A plagiarism checker offers a much higher efficiency level than manual reading. It is obvious that a technical application would offer a much higher efficiency level than humans. It is not that simple to read through large chunks of content and determine the originality. On the other hand, a plagiarism checker would accomplish this task in much lesser time. A quality tool would take a maximum of few minutes to read through several thousand words.



No risks should be taken with plagiarism

Plagiarism is a very serious problem and research professionals who are involved in it face serious actions. The best way to deal with this problem effectively is using a plagiarism checker. How is this better than reading content and preventing plagiarism? Here are some major points which show that using a plagiarism checker is better than manual reading.

·         Zero effort needed from the student


A fact is that most students make errors with plagiarism when they depend on manual reading. They spend long hours to read the content and determine whether it meets the originality standards or not. Even after putting in so much effort, this option does not have 100% efficiency. On the other hand, using a quality plagiarism checker means that complete efficiency would be attained. Unlike humans, high standard soft wares are not subjected to human errors. Similarly, if you are using a plagiarism checker, you can count on the correctness of results.


·         Forget about rechecking troubles


It is a big problem for students to recheck content after reading it once. This is exactly what happens when they depend on manual reading and do not use a proper plagiarism checker. On the other hand, if you are using a plagiarism checking tool, there is no need to recheck the content in any manner. Once it has been scanned using the tool, you can be sure that all plagiarism traces have been detected. If the tool shows that the content is completely original, it can be submitted without any doubt.


·         No need to be a software specialist


Everyone is not a technical expert and this may be a requirement when you are using certain online applications. However, the requirement is not there if you are using a grammar checker. You don’t have to be a software expert to use this tool when checking your research work. If you talk about the interface, it is very simple. Once you have uploaded the content through file uploading or pasting text, nothing else has to be done. After that, the plagiarism checker would read through the content. As the interface of this tool is easy to use, any user can use it without having any apprehensions about the technical skill.

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