benefit of writing skills for students

Writing is an important life skill to learn, that is why it is taught to students right from the onset of education, the students use writing skills right from the beginning of their school life. It is the basis of expression of communication and almost all types of disciplines.

Top 4 Benefit of Writing Skills for Students

Despite its’ many benefits, most students do not understand why they need it, that is what this article is here to thoroughly explain:

Writing builds communication skills

School is an institution that prepares students for the real life and not just for academics. Communication (oral and non-verbal), is one essential skill that schools teach its’ students. Few parts of communication which are spelling, grammar, punctuation are improved when students write to express their ideas or messages to their audience. When students write, they learn organization, coherence of the language and this helps them when they become gainfully employed as this is a skill that employers look for.

Writing aids in stimulating the brain

Writing has been known to speed up the brain’s functioning and fine motor skills that is why it is inculcated in a student’s academic foundation. When a student write, an area of his/her brain, the frontal cortex is activated, the part of the brain known to be the “seat of creativity”. Students also learn cognitive processes to convey meaning through words, logic the development of critical writing and thinking skills, as they advance in their academic studies. Just like a muscle, writing is a skill that must be developed and used over time to avoid stifling of creativity.

Writing increases knowledge capacity

Continuous writing not only boosts creativity but also increases knowledge base. Research has proven that writing reinforces the information in your memory so you’re able to remember it for longer.

When you are required to write about a topic, you will be mandated to do some research which exposes you to new information, vocabulary and even writing styles which increases or improves your previous knowledge.

Writing increases your career opportunities

How does writing increases career opportunities in the future?

Writers with skills have been able to build their niches in any industry. Niches include, Content Writing, Content Marketing, Campaign Writing, Ux Writing, Research Writing, Copywriting, Fiction and Non- fiction Writing, Academic Writing and so much more.

In any industry, the services of a writer is employed either remotely or physically. Employers would also choose to hire one writer over another because of the level of skills.


The benefits that writing present to students cannot be overemphasized, that is why students are encouraged to develop these skills. Whether writing comes to you naturally or not, it is a skill that has to be developed to display prowess.

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