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An Assessment Of The Impact Of Internal Audit Function In State Ministries (A Case Study Of Enugu State Ministries Of Works Housing And Education)

Abstract of Assessment Of The Impact Of Internal Audit Function In State Ministries

The aim of this research is to asses and evaluate the impact of internal Auditing in ministries and to ascertain the extent to which government finance and properties are accounted for.

The research will be tested in different hypothesis, where the Null hypothesis will be rejected and the alternative hypothesis will be accepted. The method of data collection will be both primary and secondary.

In the course of this research the researcher will encounter some constraints such as financial constraint inadequate material and initial resistance to release information by the staff of the ministries.

This project will be helpful in solving practical problem associated with auditing  especially to students and any other person with little or no practical auditing experience.

In addition some recommendation will be made which if implemented will enhance the advancement of internal auditing organizations.

Table of contents of Assessment Of The Impact Of Internal Audit Function In State Ministries

Title page                                                                               I

Certification                                                                           ii

Dedication                                                                              iii

Acknowledgement                                                                  iv

Abstract                                                                                 v


1.1     Introduction                                                                  1-6

1.2     Statement of problem                                                   6-7

1.3 Objective of study                                                            7-8

1.4     Scope and limitation of study                                       8-9

1.5     Relevance of study                                                        9-10

References                                                                              10-11


2.1     Historical background of internal audit in government 12-16

2.2     Objective and audit                                                       16-17

2.3     Advantage of internal Audit                                         17-18

2.4     Internal control and check                                            18-19

2.5     Qualities of an Auditoe                                                 19-20

2.6     The role of internal audit                                                        20-23

2.7            Qualities control of internal Audit                                23-38



RESEARCH METHODOLOGY                                             40

3.1      Research design                                                           40

3.2     Sample selection                                                           40

3.3     Sampling technique                                                      41

3.4     Source of data                                                               41-42

3.5     Questionnaire design                                                    42

3.6     data treatment and method  of analysis                        42




4.1     introduction                                                                            43

4.2     Presentation of data from research  questionnaire                  43-39

4.3     Test any prove of hypothesis                                       60-64



5.1     Summary of findings                                                    65-66

5.2     Conclusion                                                                    66-68

5.3     Recommendation                                                          68-70

5.4     Suggestions for further studies                                               70-71

Bibliography                                                                          72-73

Appendix                                                                               74-80

Chapter one of An Assessment Of The Impact Of Internal Audit Function In State Ministries

1.1            INTRODUCTION

As government has grown in scope size and complexity so too the need for internal auditing accounting for and controlling government receipts and expenditure has resulted in the need for  a staggering number of government clerks, accountants and auditors.

The need for control over government revenue appropriation and expenditure should not be surprising federal, state and local government is actually the largest industry in the country. However the need for efficient and effective internal auditing system in government ministries and extra- ministerial department can not be over emphasized as the complexity of government  activities is obvious . the  annual budgets by federal state and local government are generally incorporated into governmental accounting system and financial reports, this is not the case in private sector business organization. Thus the annual budgets in conjunction with government financial reports are the primary focus of public sector audits.  Internal auditing is an independent appraisal function established within an  organization to examine and organization Taylor and Glezen (1979) it is mainly concerned with appraised of government activities for the review of accounting financial and operations  as a  service  to the management


A person who undertakes audit function is called an auditor. Internal audit has been described as an independent review of operation and records. Sometime continuous undertake within an organization by especially assigned staff of the organization as basis for long protection and constructive services to management Ubesis (1997).

External auditor is an independent examination of financial statement of an organization an auditor. Other than an employee of an organization but by appointment by the share holders,  like external audit, internal auditing had its role in accent time infect internal and external  audit had essentially the same beginning there was no distinction between them prior to the nineteenth century “Ricchute (1975). Both group of auditor rely on the same data base. Also the internal user  rely on both internal and external auditors  and external user rely on external auditors. Importantly, external auditors can sometime rely upon an internal auditors work when the internal audit function is strong. As a



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