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A good system is needed to manage the submission of student assignment at the university. The manual system needs to be replaced with the computerized system to give more convenience to the student and the lecturer. When students hand over their assignment the operator will keep the records of the submission details. Emails will be sent to the students to verify their submission. The same goes for the marked and collected assignment. In addition, the lecturer will be informed to check the submission records of the students. By doing this, the assignment is always kept in safe condition after the submission. The proposed system also helps lecturer to keep track of their student submission. The lecturer can check the time of submission and enable the student to collect their assignment after being marked. This system will improve the management of student assignment at the institution.





An online assignment handling is a system contained within the Module virtual learning environment. The functionality of the standard assignment handling module has been extended to cater for all the Department’s needs in terms of receiving assignments from students, making them available to tutors to mark, returning grades, comments and marked work to students and keeping Registry and course administrators informed at all stages of the process. Extension requests are an integral part of the system.

Universities, Polytechnics and colleges of education are considered the main provider of knowledge in various fields. Various courses of studies are taught in institutions, covering several fields including applied Sciences, Math, Computer, Human Resource, and Accounting. Most courses at universities consist of theoretical as well as practical subject matter. To evaluate the level of understanding and degree of comprehension among students, assignments are often given.
Assignments are submitted by students either individually or in groups. Assignment management involves collecting, marking, and redistributing to students. Tregobov (1998) breaks the process down into four stages: submission, recording, marking, and return. Online assignment submission and management (OASM) involves the use of the World-Wide Web, the Internet and computers to aid this process (Jones, 2003). With traditional assignment submission system, lots of problems arise especially when the students have to submit the answers of the assignment to the lecturer. There may be problems due to distance, time, or format of the assignment (written or printed). Also every learning process requires administrative support. Much of this administrative support is to some degree transparent but if the latter is not well organized it could disrupt the flow of learning between students and the staff.


As the educational world is moving faster and becoming more competitive, almost every university started to use an online submission system, or newer technologies to facilitate their task, to have more time, and to be in pace with this fast moving IT world.

This project is about designing and developing a client/server system to computerize assignment submission process in NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF COMPUTER SCIENCE STUDENT, OGUN STATE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, IGBESA. This system allows student to submit their assignment to the submission point and the system will record the information about the submitted assignment: Matric No, course code, assignment’s number and due date & time. The collection of the assignment is passed to the lecturer for the marking process. After finished marking, the lecturer passed the marked assignment to the submission point. The operator at the submission point will key in the submission code into the system one more time.

This system is important to replace the manual system that is used at NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF COMPUTER SCIENCE STUDENT, OGUN STATE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, IGBESA now. By developing this system, it is expected to overcome the problems of manual system that being used. The development of this system is needed because it provides a systematic method in managing the submission of student assignments. The deliverables are including client interface, client program, server interface, server program.

The aim of this system is to help the student and lecturer in submission their assignment processes.


The problems arises from the manual system used at the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF COMPUTER SCIENCE STUDENT, OGUN STATE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, IGBESA is that it has no record about the time of the student hand over their assignment. Due to this, some of the student might hand in their assignment later than the due timeIt is hard to search for the lose assignments because there is no record of who may responsible for taking it. The lecturer does not know whether all of his or her student has submits their assignment because there are lots of assignments to be collected. The lecturer find out about which student does not submit their works only after he or she finishes marking the assignment. By this time it was too late to know what exactly happens. After the lecturer finish marking the assignment and return it back, some student does not get their assignment back because they could find it anymore since anyone can take it.



The main objective of this project is to create a paperless environment and automated system by developing a Computerized Assignment Submission System for NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF COMPUTER SCIENCE STUDENT, OGUN STATE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, IGBESA.  In addition to assist the student, it also reduces unnecessary workload of lecturers.

Other objectives of the project are as follows:

  • To make sure the student submit their assignment on time and safely.
  • To help the lecturer know whether his or her student has submit their assignment on time as required and find out who does not submit their assignment.
  • To let the student know that the lecturers have received their assignment safely and when the lecturer finish marking it, they can collect it again.
  • To avoid the loss of assignment after the lecturer finish marking it, only the student can take his or her own assignment.
  • To give a room for interaction among the lecturers and students also, among the students



The scope for the computerized assignment submission system is at the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF COMPUTER SCIENCE STUDENT, OGUN STATE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, IGBESA. The system will collect the assignment. The operator will pass all of the assignment to the lecturers to be marked. After the lecturers finish marking them, they passed the assignment back to the operator at the system administrator. The collection of the assignment will be kept at the administrator. The student can collect their assignment from the operator at the administrator.


  • Lecturers won’t be notified when assignment is submitted.
  • Student still have access to submit assignment even after due time.


Assignment: a task or piece of work allocated to someone as part of a job or course of study
Student: A student or pupil is a learner, or someone who attends an educational institution.
Online: online” indicates a state of connectivity.

Lecture: A lecture is oral presentations intended to present information or teach people about a particular subject, for example by a university or college teacher.

Submission: the action of presenting a proposal, application, or other document for consideration or judgment.

OAS: Online Assignment Submission



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