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Download this complete Project material titled; Design And Construction Of A Starter Mechanise For Application In A Two-Stroke Engine with abstract, chapters 1-5, references, and questionnaire. Preview Abstract or chapter one below

  • Format: PDF and MS Word (DOC)
  • pages = 65




In accordance with the objective of the
Federal government of Nigeria to support the develop
ment of low-cost vehicles based on locally available
technology, the Department of Mechanical Engineering
of Ahmadu Bello University was given the task of
developing the engine. The engine, for a start, is
a 2-stroke, 2-cylinder petrol engine
Part of the engine is an overrunning starter
Mechanism which was designed, constructed and tested
in this project.
The overrunning starter Mechanism is in the
form of a freewheeling clutch which transmits torque
in only one direction and overruns in the other


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