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Design And Implementation Of A Web-Based Healthcare Information System For Malaria Diagnosis

Chapter one of Design And Implementation Of A Web-Based Healthcare Information System For Malaria Diagnosis


Malaria disease of human caused by infection with protozoan parasite belongs to the genus plasmodium and is characterized by chills, fever (sustained elevation of the body temperature) and in the most severe cases coma leading to death.

Malaria infection can be either uncomplicated or severe it is said to be severe when plasmodium falciparum is the cause of the infection. The life cycle of the parasite (pathogenesis) is so complicated because of the tendency of the merozite (daughter cell of the parasite) to produce different antigen that are sensitive to different antibody. This has made the production of the vaccine against it difficult and also making it possible for it to hide from the immune system

There are four plasmodium species that causes human malaria. These are plasmodium vivax that causes vivax malaria, falciparum malaria is caused by plasmodium falciparum malaria malariae caused by plasmodium malariae and the fourth type oval malaria, caused by plasmodium ovale.

The disease now occurs in tropical and subtropical regions of the world with Africa having the highest occurrence of the infection. The optimistic concept of eradication of malaria half country ago has been modified and the emphasis is now on control since speed, accuracy and efficient information distribution is what is required in a proper disease diagnosisand treatment, it then calls for a web-based health care information.


Health care information is system inculcated by health ministries, hospitals and clinics as well as dispensaries and other health industries where by sitting in the waiting rooms of the hospital to see doctors or medical practitioners are been educated in various health matters stating most health problems, their causative, prevention and control measures, first aid and possible cures with the aim of improving the health condition or situation of the people.

In this health care information system, patient can learn much about malaria, the things they do in order not to fall victims and in case somebody is a victim what should be done to help the person get rid of the disease

Therefore, the web-based that will be designed in this project servers as an aid to all medical practitioners and patients towards the establishment of proper health development, diagnosis and treatment of malaria of the masses.

Furthermore, if the software is made available to the masses, there will be bound to be a reduction in the rate at which people fall sick, die or being handicapped by malaria. Because they can browse the website from their home and watch on their own personal computers.


  1. There are limited number of medical doctors for the treatment of malaria and not evenly spread across the country. In addition, the people that should access healthcare facilities are far removed from medical facilities. In view of the foregoing, it is of great necessity to provide an expert system to assist doctors in diagnosing and treating malaria, which this research is focused on designing and creating.
  2. There is need to build a web based expert system that will diagnose people of malaria, suggest treatment and provide necessary information on malaria, for hospitals and individuals. The software will diagnose malaria infection from information concerning the patient’s symptoms and test results, and recommend a medication, have a database for storing information about drug prescription and other malaria related information, and be user-friendly.

iii.   There is need to create a system that would retain the skill of an expert medical doctor relating to treatment of malaria in case of any eventuality. The system will act as a diagnosis tool, which can assist malaria researchers determine the intensity or concentration of malaria parasites in designated geographical locations and, in turn, help in developing effective control measures to limit the spread of malaria in such regions.

  1. There is need to create a system that would also solve the problems encountered in areas where there are no medical experts or where medical experts are limited in number.


The aim of this research is to design and implement on web-based health care information system that will aid doctors on the undying struggle to eradicate a disease like malaria.

  1. To implement a system that will helps in the identification of malaria.
  2. It give accurate efficient information on the treatment of malaria.
  3. It give information on the prevention and control of malaria.
  4. Its almost objective is not to be reliable and to be able to act as doctor in the absence of such doctors.




Malaria is one disease, although common, yet a lot of people are still not well informed about it, and consequently do not take its treatment serious. Thus the importance of this research cannot be over emphasized, because it holds the key to proper diagnosis and treatment of the disease. It will also be useful where there is no expertise on malaria treatment.


This project work is centred to only on disseminating of health care information system for diagnosis and treatment of malaria which will be an online based or wed-based.


The limitation or hindrance encountered during this research include the financial aspect, the cost of getting the materials for this work and lack of sufficient information and co-operation from doctors and nurses as well as medical research institutions thus did not allow us to gather enough relevant data.



A mild illness or injury, especially a persistence one.


A sudden short fever: A short fever with shivering and a sensation of coldness.


A senior doctor who is fully qualified in a particular branch of medicine.


Provision of medical and related services aimed at maintaining good health, especially through the prevention and treatment of disease.


System that recognizes and oppose disease


A communicable disease.


A small leaflets or paper booklet usually unbound and coverless, that gives information or support about malaria.


Somebody who receives medical treatment.


Organism living on another that is harmful to the host where it resides.


The specific study of the nature, origin, process and causes of disease.


The cause, development, and effects of the disease.


A parasite protozoan, especially that causes malaria genus.


Somebody who practices a profession, especially medicine.

PROTOZOAN: A single-celled organism that can move and feed on organic compound of nitrogen and carbon e.g. an Amoeba.


Instruction obeyed by computer, a list of instruction in a programming language that tell a computer to perform a task.



Causing great discomfort by being extreme, a very harsh or stick e.g. a severe headache


Program and application that can be run on a computer system.


Somebody who is hurt or killed by malaria.


A room in which people may wait for a doctor’s appointment


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