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Download this complete Project material titled; The Design Of A Fish Pond Design And Implementation Of Automated Motor Vehicle Driving Licensing System with abstract, chapters 1-5, references, and questionnaire. Preview Abstract or chapter one below

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Considering the fact that our country is still developing, there are a lot to be done to improve the way information is processed in our licence wait before been attended to.

In view of this project work analyses the current procedure used in our motor licensing offices to issue licence to drivers renew expired licence legislation of vehicles and change of ownership of already registered motor vehicles.

The services of Uwani Motor licensing office can be enhanced by considering a computer based motor licensing information system taking advantage of computer networking computer speed, database, storage faculties telecommunication links, the retrieval of records without much interventions of the motor licensing office.









Table of content



  • Introduction

1.1 Background of the study

1.2 Objective of the study

1.3 Statement of the problem

1.4 Justification of problem

1.5 Project organization



  • Literature Review


  • Overview of the existing system

3.1 Description and Analysis of the existing system

3.2 Method of Data collection

3.21 Interview method

3.22 References to written text

3.23 Use of questionnaires

3.3 Input Analysis

3.4 Process Analysis

3.5 Output Analysis

3.6 Problems of the existing system

3.7 Justification for the new system



4.0     Design of the new system

  • Input specification and design
  • Output specification and design
  • File design
  • Procedure chart
  • System flowcharts
  • System requirement



5.0     Implementation

  • Program design
  • Program flowchart
  • Pseudo code
  • Sources listing
  • Test run



  • Documentation



7.0    Recommendation and conclusion







The motor vehicle licensing office is one of the departments under the board of internal revenue which is the arm of the state ministry of finance. The  activities of the board are meant to generate revenue for the  government. The motor licensing department are located at each of the  local government area head quarters of the country.

The   motor licensing offices at the local government area of the state are under the motor licensing office of the state.  The daily transaction from   which these revenues are generated include the following:

Registration Of Vehicles: This include the registration of both new imported second handed vehicles popularly known as  (Tokumbo) and the ones bought from the government and its prostates.

After the registration an identification number is issued which is unique to the vehicle concerned. Such identification numbers serve as a mark to identify the origin of a particular motor.

For instance Anambra state is represented by (HOME FOR ALL) Abia is represented (GOD’S OWN STATE) Enugu with (Coal City) but this form of identification is above the scope of this project.

Issuance/ renewal of vehicle licences: licences are issued to newly registered cars. Also licence that has expired after the duration of six or twelve months are renewed.

After the renewal of licence badge is issued which is stocked on the car wind screen.

Change of ownership: This transaction affects only car, which has previously registered. That is cars which the initial owner has decided to dash out or sell to another person, in a situation like this registration of this vehicle will then be  updated with respect to police extract indicating justice to right full owner.


–        Learners permit

–        Vehicle test for road worthiness

–        Replacement of lost or defaced driving   licence

Considering the important role played by this department. The introduction of computer will enhance their activities. Also it will reduce manual operation, increase accuracy easy access to date, and it will also help in the accounting for money generated by the department.



A study was undertaken to investigate the mode of operation in our licensing office and the difficulties encountered in executing their debs.

Consideration was based specifically on Uwani Motor vehicle Driving licensing office.

In the cause of investigation, it was discovered that customers has to wait endlessly before a driving licence is issued to them or before they renew the expired ones.

The current motor licensing management in Uwani Motor licensing office is very gloomy and innovative ways have to be found to get out of this perilous situation.

To achieve the improvements required, the concept in Uwani Motor vehicle licensing office need to be developed so as to get things done as effectively and efficiently as possible,





This research aims at improving the accuracy of information and data on all the transactions of wane motor licensing office to be precise.

Providing a means for effective and efficient system integration.

Reducing the cost of processing each unit of data.

For instance data on the registration of cars, issuance of licences, a data on change of ownership etc

Providing an easy and fast way of accessing and retrieving information.

Reducing the number of staff in specific administrative functions because of cost.

All this functions have been simplified and fully implemented when I was designing the new system which is a computer wed system whish is a computerized system.



Motor licensing system demands for efficient service to attain the maximum requirement of their customers.

But due to the fact that man cannot work beyond his capacity, there is reduction in the total output of the existing organization. These are some of the inefficiencies that leads to the computerization of the existing system.

  1. Inability of workers o keep accurate account of money generated.
  2. Inadequate storage facilities.
  3. Their speed of program execution and implementation is very low
  4. Customers demand canned be efficiently and conveniently attained to.
  5. Method of retrieving information is tedious and time wasting.

Due to these in competencies observed in the manual services, I was faced with the challenges of finding a way to alleviate this problems.

Therefore this exclusive project (software)  has been design to take appropriate care of such problems listed above.



Since it is an academic exercise the project is restricted to Uwani Motor licensing office Enugu and is designed to handle only some of the activities of the department.


i         Change of ownership

ii        Registration of vehicles

Iii      Issuance and renewal of licences

  1. Report generation
  2. Modification, display, deletion, addition of vehicle records
  3. Enquires

Also only some categories of vehicles can be handle for instance   cars, pickups and mini buses.

The system was not design to handle special numbers like

–        Government and parastatals  vehicles.

–        Armed   forces and police vehicles

–        Diploma  and reserved numbers

Although the scope of the project is restricted to Uwani Enugu and certain customers, it could be modified to take care of other states and special numbers by addition and modification of the system



  1. INTERVIEW: The researcher visited the licensing authority and interviewed the staffs in various areas and levels in the establishment

I also interviewed some of the customers I met during my visit.

The state motor licensing was the first person interviewed. He briefed me on the various services rendered by the establishment and later direct me to the financial controller and to other members of the establishment who seen to the day to day transaction and are in better position to get me informed on the shortcoming of the system.

  1. OBSERVATION : In the cause of  interviewing the  staff,  time was spent in their offices to see their mode of operation and how the existing system work

I also observed that information dissemination is very slow, though its effective.

  1. REGRENCES TO WRITEN MATERIALS: In the cause of information mining the researcher made references to some written materials and find out the necessary information on motor licensing in Nigeria.

The information gathered here was used in writing the project



Chapter      1        –        Introduction

Chapter      2        –        Review of related literature

Chapter      3        –        Descriptor and Analysis of the existing system

Chapter      4        –        Design of the new system

Chapter      5        –        Implementation

Chapter      6        –        Documentation

Chapter      7        –        Recommendation and conclusion

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