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The study is based on the main objective of; the Design, Documentation and Implementation of sales management system. Therefore, the chapter one explains the background of study, problem statement, purpose of the study, objectives of the study, scope and the significance of the study. The methodology part which is chapter three explains and illustrates how the researcher obtained information that helped in developing the system and defines how researcher designed and implements the proposed system. Information was obtained through the various research methods. This chapter provides a description of the different techniques that were employed not only to understand the business process but also to provide a foundation for developing the proposed sales management system for manages sales records and perform task for sales anywhere, anytime. The designer was able to study how work is done with the current system and clearly identify its weaknesses, and find out the requirements for proposed system. After the system implementation, accurate records are got, no likelihood of data errors, there is real time access data and unlimited User Access then conclusion and recommendations are stated according to the study.


1.0       Introduction

This chapter explains the background, problem statement, purpose, objectives, scope and the significance of the study.

1.1       Background of the study

Computer plays a vital role in our society in today’s generation. We use computers nowadays to make our work easier and to save more time. Almost all fields or establishments use computer for easy and convenient way of doing their transactions, like convenient stores, malls, restaurants, hospitals, hotels and etc. Yet, there are still establishments that are practicing manual operations because they don’t use computers to operate. GBEMADE mini sawmill and wood work Services is a single proprietorship type of business and it was established by Emmanuel Ade with a capital of #200,000 only in the year 2016. It is located at pako bustop, iyanashashi, lagos.

In this business, if the customer will purchase a product, he/she should give all the information needed in the job order form which includes the customer’s name, address and the list of product that the customer will purchase. After that, the cashier will manually compute all the products ordered and will issue the receipt to the customer. In checking the availability of their products, they need to ask on their stockman who’s responsible in monitoring the products.

According to Stuchly (2015), currently the companies have sufficient working capital; in many cases they have adequate supply of labor. Across the board, it cannot be said that all companies are on the same comfortable base (for example, there are differences in sales background). All companies can affect sales software they choose and how they use it. In order to be competitive company, it must have high quality information system providing solutions which not only ensure the recording and processing of sales data in real time, but will also serve as a support achieve company’s objectives.

According to Hennyeyova (2007), Conditions are naturally created for a flexibility implementation of the latest technological elements, in the information and communication infrastructure, in a liberalized environment. It is necessary, that the management information system supports also planning and forecasting of production and takes sales on specifics of customers. Implementing high quality (appropriate) management information system improves the management process and keeps competitiveness on domestic and foreign markets.

The sales data both previous and current affects the performance, training program, evaluation systems, and compensation plan and territory alignment. It also helps in effective allocation of scarce resources to implement the competitive methods. A sales force must be well designed to meet customers’ needs efficiently and effectively for the selling of firm’s products and services (Chu, 2005).

A sales management system collects data from business operations such as sales data, shifts in inventory, and then converts the information to analysis reports. A sales management system takes existing operational data and creates informative reports such as sales analysis that is product and time specific, analysis of the cost of storing inventory before it is necessary for production. (Kaye 1999). Currently, the restaurant does not employee any system that works as the sales management system.

1.2       Problem statement

The existing system of operation and method of transaction in the schools bookshop has been haunted by the following problems;

  • Poor arrangement of books in the shop
  • Dirty and stuffy hall
  • Time wastage in searching for desired books
  • Time wastage in attending to students
  • Conflicting, confusing and inadequate record keeping of daily transactions
  • The recording of sales and cash received are done manually on a book that appears rough. Thus, the books are exposed to physical damage, information can be lost and dust particles are accumulated.
  • The control system is time consuming, less accurate and less efficient, and the environment is not user friendly.
  • Inaccuracies often ensue from human error.

1.3 Aim and Objectives

Aim of study is

To design a Computerized sales Management System for the organization to ascertain stock level of a company , when to order for more goods, keep status and updates of transactions, thereby helping progress level, stock taking and managerial decisions,.

The objectives of the study were classified into general and specific objectives.

1.3.1    General objective

To improve on the sales records management at GBEMADE MINI SAWMIILL AND WOOD WORK SERVICES.

1.3.2    Specific objectives

  • To study the current system and establish both user and system requirements for sales management information system.
  • To design a new sales management information system that will maintain daily cash sales, stock purchases, invoice statements and generate report
  • To implement and validate the new system for logical conclusion

1.5 Scope of the project

The scope of this study includes:

  • Users Management
  • Inventory of Products
  • Suppliers Management
  • Purchases and Other
  • Report generation
  • Point of sales


1.6 Significance of the study:

To the organization, the system provides a fast and reliable way of accessing information that is used to develop, communicate and implement strategy. The management sales information is also used to coordinate product design, production and marketing decision and to evaluate the overall company’s operating performance including their employees.


To the Customers, Sales management software can be used to note down details of previous interactions with customers and the outcomes of previous calls. When a prospective customer calls your company, they would not have to repeat everything again. The sales rep who takes the call would merely have to read the notes to get up to speed on what is the deal with this customer. He or she can take effective action to carry forward the conversation and close the deal.

1.7       Definition of Terms

To facilitate understanding and to accurately interpret the results and findings of the study, the following terms are defined conceptually and operationally in order to maintain clarity and precision to their use.

  • Database – refers to a collection of pieces of information that is organized and used on a computer. (Merriam Webster’s Dictionary 2016 ed.) In this study, “Database” refers to the input data in the system comprises of stocks, cost and description being sold by Arrow Glass and Aluminium Services.
  • Inventory – a complete list of items such as property, goods in stock, or the contents of a building. (Merriam Webster’s Dictionary 2016 ed.) In this study, “Inventory” refers to the items or stock acquired for sale to customers.
  • Pop-up – a window that appears on the screen over other windows or documents and that often advertises something (Merriam Webster’s Dictionary 2016 ed.) In this study, “Pop-up” refers to appear or occur suddenly and unexpectedly.



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