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A computer system generally refers to a set of electronic hardware components assembled together for the purpose of performing some basic operation with much regards to speed and accuracy. The computer is made up of two main parts known as the hardware and the software. The hardware is the physical part that can be felt and seen, while the software is the part that can’t being touched or felt but steadily it can be viewed. A lot of people may want to see a computer see a computer system as a machine which specializes in taking information from the outside world, process the information according to some pre-determined set of instructions and give out the processed information in a given form according the set of instructions. Anigbogu, S.D. (2000) defined a computer as an electronic device capable of accepting data and instructions, processing the data based on the instructions to generate result or output in such a manner that is yet to be equaled by any other known machine to mankind.

Chimezie, F.O. (1990) defined it by saying that “computers are looked upon as obedient servants who are ever ready to free man from tedious procedures and produce results as compared with human computing time”. The computer consists of parts that enable accurate functionality. These are; the motherboard, CPU, memory (RAM), hard drive, video card, fan, keyboard, mouse etc.


Project Topics

With high cost of branded system and the potential increase in demand of computers in various institutions, effective manpower and skills should be laid down to produce local compatible computer as this will elevate the economic growth in Nigeria.


Branded systems are expensive to purchase as this denial an average person the desire to have a ready system working. This research work is designed to provide easy and efficient method of producing cheap and more reliable personal computers for the local market.


Assembling computer locally and selling to the market at a cheaper rate will enable an average person to acquire a personal computer, and as such create employment facilities for those who are self-employed which will result in the economic boost of the country.


This study outlines the steps on how to building your own personal computer. Also, it will review the possible ways of developing efficient and reliable self- made systems.


This work was limited to time and financial constraints as this factors weren’t made readily available at the point of need.


  • SOFTWARE: This is a program designed by either a programmer or a software manufacturer to perform different tasks provided there is a meaningful result.
  • HARDWARE: Computer hardware is the physical part of a computer that is different from the computer software that makes the hardware world functionally.
  • COMPUTER: An advanced electronic device that performs arithmetic and logical task by accepting input as data, process this data to information as output and possibly save the information for future reference.
  • BOOT: This is the start-up process of a computer until it loads the window.
  • CABLE: This is the wire used in connecting the computer system to the power source/outlet.
  • PERIPHERAL: A device or component that is connected to the computer system.
  • FORM FACTOR: The geometry of an object, especially in engineering design.
  • CONFIGURATION: Form, as depending on the relative disposition of the parts of a thing’s shape; figure; form factor
  • CHORD: A wire that connects peripherals to the computer ports and sockets.
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: This is a software designed to manage, control and co-ordinate the data resources and functions of a computer system’s hardware.

ASSEMBLY: This is the act of putting multiple component/parts together to work as a whole.

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