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It is assumed that when one is having high organizational commitment, he is very loyal and when he has job involvement he becomes dedicated to his job. The work of Hortzberg (1966) has set the tone of researching in the determination of what makes a sales team satisfied in the workplace and the implications of satisfaction and dissatisfaction for expected performances.
Job satisfaction is probably the most important influence on attitude at work. Job satisfaction reflects sales team attitude about his means measuring specific aspect of the job. In practice, measuring the level of job satisfaction usually means measuring specific aspects of the job. The most popular job satisfaction survey measure the following: pay, the job itself, promotional opportunities, supervisor, co-workers and company policies. Although the relationship between someone satisfaction and performance may not be always clear out, that does not mean job satisfaction is not important. In one research, Ostroff (1992) studied the relationship between satisfaction and attitudes and overall sales team performance. He found that there were correlations between sales team satisfaction and organizational effectiveness. Organizations with more satisfied with their jobs attend more regularly then those who are dissatisfied. Satisfied workers are more likely to stay while dissatisfied workers are more likely to quit their job.
Job satisfaction is probably the most familiar example of attitude at work. It reflects an employee’s attitude about his or her job and measuring it means measuring several specific aspects of the job. Fredrick Taylor’s and Eton mayo 2008 revealed the impact of social and productivity at western electric Hawthorn plant. Today, the ground work laid by Taylor and Mayo has resulted in a wide variety of theories and principles designed to push workers productivity and organizational effectiveness to the highest level possible.
Whether large or small organizations have a certain objectives which they want to achieve. The objectives are most often based on the organizations ability to make people buy what they are offering. Objectives such as profit maximization, increased in market share market share maintenance, social objectives are directly related to the volume of an organizations sales though the activities of its sales team. The maintenance of these objectives is measured by the effectiveness, productivity and job satisfaction of the team members of the organization. Therefore, in order to be productive, it is important to examine the activities, feelings and experience of individuals who participate in the selling of organization products or services.
According to Ubeku (2008), the money accumulated in the organization by workers is being wasted fraudulently and developments of the organization to which they belong, they lose interest causes moral problems and consequently reduce profitability.
According to him the owners of the business use the profit made outlet to acquire more wire or build more houses, without paying the workers enough salaries that will make the work, in this process the workers will lose interest for the work.
Finally, it is well known fact that all business organization strives and aim at increasing sales team productivity in order to achieve organizational objectives and goals. The researcher has feels that it will serve a useful purpose to ascertain whether job satisfaction of members of sales term will have a relationship on the organization productivity or in other words, whether organization productivity can be improved by job satisfaction of employees of such organizations. Hence, the selection of the topic “Impact of Job Satisfaction on Sales Team Productivity”.

Over the years, a number of researchers have found the problem or discovered to be a hindrance to the entire organization, of sales team productivity. In the since that most organization has not achieved significant supply of sales team and optimum productivity. It has been noted that sales team often complain about their wages and salary administration, poor working condition, welfare, provision of adequate machinery and materials at work place e.t.c. the above complaints are indications that things are not going smoothly with the sales team. On the other hand, management always asks why the sales team is no longer productive or low level of productivity in the organization.
The solution to the above management often point out to the manager that sales team are either not properly motivated or not satisfied at work place to satisfy the workers needs they will continue to have decreased production and performance will always remain low. This research work will therefore, further probe into the different factors of job satisfaction and their effects on productivity of the sales team of the Nigeria Bottling company Plc, with a view to coming out with more concrete examination of different variables and their relationship.

General objective: The general objective of this research is to ascertain the impact of job satisfaction on sales team productivity. Others are:

  1. To examine the effect of wages/salaries of sales team on increased productivity.
  2. To ascertain how communication leads to increased productivity.

1.       Does wages &salaries of sales team increase productivity?
2.       How does communication of sales team leads to increased productivity?




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