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The purpose of this thesis was to build a food ordering client server application for Tom Yum Thai Oy, which is a Thai restaurant in Vaasa.

For the customer, this application provides a view of current food information (category, name, image,price, description etc.) on the website and Android application. The customer can order food from these two platforms. For the administrator in restaurant, this application offers a series of operations to add, update, delete and query the information of food, food order and employees.

The application includes three parts: Background Management Platform, Website Foreground Public Page and Android Application. The Background Management Platform was implemented with S2SJ, a combination of Struts 2 framework, Spring framework and JPA framework. Servlet and JSP were used in the Website Foreground Public Page. The Android Application is obviously based on Android framework.

So far, all core functions were developed successfully and the progress of the project was most rewarding and generated an excellent experience in programming.

Chapter one on Mobile Food Ordering System

With the rapid development of information technology, web application and Android application have been increasing in recent years. Compared with the desktop application, the advantages of web application for users are:
No need to install and update
Easily visit through browsers
The advantage of the Android application:
Mobile application is convenient to carry
Global partnerships and large install base
Powerful development framework
Open marketplace for distributing apps
Based on the advantages of both applications, I motivated myself to develop a combination project between web and Android application.
Tom Yum Thai Restaurant in Vaasa sells Chinese and Thai food. Due to the cheaper prices and delicious food, more and more people select to eat in this restaurant. Meanwhile, with the number of customers increasing, the new problem occurs. Because the space of the restaurant is limited, the restaurant can only seat a certain number of customers at the time, therefore, the full customer resource cannot be utilized.
Mobile Food Ordering Application is the key to solve this problem. Using this application, the customers need not go to the restaurant by themselves, but they can order the dishes through computers and Android mobiles anywhere.
The Background Management platform in this application was designed for the administrator. The Administrator will be able to manage food dishes, dish orders and company employees here.



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