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This research was conducted to investigate the effect of auditive training in enhancing academic performance of students with hearing impairment in Imo state, Orodo. The methods employed by the researcher for data collection were two instruments which includes teacher made test and structured questionnaire. Sample used for the study were 30 selected at random using simple sampling techniques. Result of the study shows that auditive training helped to improve academic performance of students with hearing impairment. The researcher concluded the study with appropriate recommendations to the government, parents and non-governmental organizations for proper intervention in providing these devices to hearing impaired learners in higher institutions of learning.




Project Topics


This study was conducted to investigate the effect of ATD on the academic performance of students with hearing impairment. In order to dip into this study, the researcher observed that the concept of ATD needs to be well understood and how it affect student with hearing impairment students performance in school.

Auditive training has been defined by different educators and professionals around the world. In a common sense of the researcher of this study, auditive training devices are equipment mean to help person with disability in many ways depends on the nature of the disability. For the deaf, auditive training may be used to improve their hearing capabilities and for blind their auditive training devices may include tape recorders to record lectures speech and also talking calculator when solving simple mathematical problems. The definition  of auditive training devices according to IDEA (International Disabilities Education Act (2004) as any item, piece of equipment  or product system, whether acquired commercially of off the shelf modified, or customized, that is used to increase, maintain, or improve functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities including those with hearing impairment. This definition of ATD device by IDEA that hearing impairment aids, phone text messages, and other devices such as projectors are parts of ATD that can assist deaf to learn or get access to information easily than without those items mentioned. Auditive training device are mostly the application of technology in human life to assist where an individual is having disabilities that will reduce its educational capabilities.

It is not a hear-say that ATD help those with disabilities especially those with hearing impairment. Learning can be meaningful if an individual have his/her sense organs active. The sense that information can be acquired which include the ear, eye, nose and so on. Any individual whose hearing organ not functional as normal may likely not to perform satisfactory academical with the use of ATD. The realist school of thought epistemology have it that an individual can know something through seeing, hearing, touching, smelling and tasting because by touching or hearing a sound(speech) for instance, a connection is made between object and mind (Musa 2008). This assertion is in line with IDEA (2004) that ATD is a great equalizing forces in education and meaningful inclusion of students with disabilities both in terms of access to the general curriculum and in facilitating the ability of students to demonstrate mastery of their areas of study.

The results of research work to improve the welfare of persons with hearing impairment by professionals of special education bring into life the application of knowledge gained from science for human consumption popularly refers to as technology. Technology encompasses instruments, machines and devices which people develop and use in their lives to improve products both quantity and quality. The use of technology to enable an individual to perform a particular task which his/her impairment cannot permit, bring into life what is referred to as auditive training. Auditive training is referred to as an umbrella term which deals with assistive, adoptive rehabilitative device for people with disabilities to effectively use to perform a particular task to do. There are different kind of auditive training which are use to improve life’s condition of a person with disabilities. Hence, with the coming and applying of auditive training in teaching children with hearing impairment enable them face life events especially academic performance, which is the focus of this research work. The researcher therefore appreciates the use of auditive training in educating students with hearing impairment.


          Auditive training device play an important role in the education of persons with hearing impairment. The students who have hearing problems in perceiving or receiving information through their hearing organ may need hearing aids as one of the most popular ATD used worldwide by those with hearing impairment to acquire information within their environment including school. Lack of information during teaching and learning process may hinder or slow the pace of learners with hearing impairment in the classroom. Where there is no effective in the classroom between teachers and their learners means learning does not take place especially in university of Jos where there is no enough interpreters to help the hearing impaired acquire information from lecturers during classes.

Since auditive training device help hearing impaired acquire information within their environment therefore school, and knowledge can be acquired through the sense organs such as ear, how will student with hearing impairment learn and perform well without the use of hearing aids which is one the auditive training used by the deaf is a matter of concern by the researcher of this study. The role of auditive training devices such as hearing aids which help the hearing impaired students get access to information from their teachers in the classroom lacking what will be the consequence of hearing impaired learners is the big question the researcher of this study want to investigate.


The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of auditive training device in enhancing academic performance of students with hearing impairment in Imo state with the following objectives:

  • To find the types of auditive training used by the students.
  • To examine how auditive training is used in enhancing academic performance.
  • To determine the extent to which students with hearing impairment can academically perform with auditive training.
  • To help the use of auditive training in institutions of learning among student with hearing impairment.


  1. What are the types of auditive training used by the hearing impaired students?
  2. How are the auditive training equipment used?
  3. To what extent does auditive training have an effect on enhancing academic performance of students with hearing impairment?


  1. There is no significant difference when auditive training are in use to extent which students with hearing impairment can perform and where there is none.
  2. There is no significant difference between academic performance of students taught with auditive training and those without auditive training.


The significance of this research project is carried out to determine the effects of auditive training in enhancing academic performance of students. The researcher will benefit the following:

  1. The researcher will enlighten school administrator and advocacy to stand for the right and demand for the provision of related services from government and other agencies.
  2. The lecturers will improve the instructional quality and quantitative special schools, which will in turn help the hearing impaired with the equalization opportunity as their so called normal corner part.
  3. The work will serve as an opportunity for teachers to acquire knowledge and technical know-how of manipulating audiological equipments and other supportive services.
  4. This work will help researchers and educators in particular to develop more viable aspects in special education field.


TECHNOLOGY: Scientific knowledge used in partial ways in industry.

AUDITIVE TRAINING: Tools which promote greater independence at performing one’s task.

HEARING IMPAIRMENT: A condition in which auditory system is not function as supposed to be for original purpose of life.

ACADEMIC: Education setting or happening in education or deal with education.

IMPAIRMENT: Malfunctioning of the organs of the body.




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