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This experimental investigation was carried
out to determine the strength of concrete confined
by plastic pipe and the effect of slenderness
ratio on the strength.
Pipes of 75mm and 100mm diameters of varied
lengths: 410mm to 1210mm were used. Two different
concrete mixes were tested: a 1.5 sand-cement ratio
and 3 coase aggregate cement ratio. The second had
a 1.0 sand – cement ratio , and 2.0 coarse aggregate
cement ratio. The samples were made into three
series and one group was reinforced with 6mm diameter
bars. All tests were carried out in uniaxial
compression under monotonic loading.
Results showed appreciable increase in concrete
strength when confined by the plastic pipe. Increase
in strength of about 2 times the strength of
unconfined concrete was recorded. The reinforcement
bars were of no significance in terms of strength
increase particularly in the case of short columns.
By slender columns slight increases were recorded.

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