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This study was meant to investigate and give an insight into the reasons for students dropping out in Secondary Schools. The instrument used in collecting data was structured questionnaire on students dropout and its effect. The questionnaire contains 20 items. The results of this study shows that lack of parental involvement leads to students dropout, lack of adequate guidance and counseling by the school leads to dropout. Lack of motivation by the teachers, lack of basic learning materials leads to dropping out. Therefore, the researcher recommended that the government should provide learning materials, sufficient chairs and tables, constant payment of teacher’s salary to enhance teaching and learning process.




Secondary education forms the basis of entire system of education. The immense contribution it makes to the overall development of the country is indicated by the research studies undertaken in both developed and developing countries including Nigeria in order to achieve the universalization of secondary education.

Education has become the contemporary creed and about the surest way to attain self reliance and economic growth and development. This was why according to the Federal Government of Nigeria (2004) The Federal Government of Nigeria established the universal basic education (UBE) programme to primary.

–                            Provide a compulsory free and universal basic education for every Nigerian child of school age.

–                            Reduce drastically the incidence of drop out from formal  school system  through improved relevance, quality and efficiency.

–                            Ensuring the acquisition of the appropriate level of literacy, communicative and life skill as well as the ethical, moral and cruel values needed for laying a solid foundation for lifelong learning etc.

But what is discovered is drop out among the secondary school students. Society cherishes wealth and honour wealthy men and this wealth  lure the young boys and girls to pursue wealth  rather than education which is the lasting value and legacy. Another observation  is also a result of the intability of the school system due to frequent strike actions and regular changes in government thereby resulting to inconsistent policy on educational  matter such as changes in school curriculum, calendar, textbooks and policies in school administration (Obadina 1989). This study therefore investigates the reasons for secondary school drop out in Ogun State.


The crucial aspect of wastage in education system is drop out of students and this has caused problems to the individual’s life parents government and the society at large. Instability of the school system results from regular strike action and changes in government policies. The curriculum is also not qualitative in scope to meet its theoretical nature. The teachers are not committed enough to their work due to irregular payment of salary.

1.3              ­OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY

–                            To identify the possible causes of student drop out of secondary schools in Ogun State

–                            Find out if students drop out of schools lead to emotional disturbance in life

–                            To identify if students drop out of school results to weak desire for responsibility and independence.

–                            To find out if students drop-out leads to loss of total focus and restlessness in life

–                            To find out if students drop out makes the student to be maladjusted to the society by being disorganized.

1.4              RESEARCH QUESTIONS

The following research questions were formulated to guide this study

–                            What are the possible causes of drop-out in secondary schools

–                            Does students drop-out of school leads to emotional disturbance in life

–                            Does students drop out of school result to low need  for achievement and success

–                            Does students drop out of school result to weak desire for responsibility and independence.


The findings of this study will be very useful to students, parents, government and the society at large.

When teachers are treated well by their employers, they will help to retain students in school. When facilities are provided in schools it will help to keep students in school, then students who would have dropped out and join bad gangs will successfully complete their secondary education and finally become important persons in the society.

1.6              DELIMITATION OF STUDY

This study investigates students drop out and the effect on Secondary School students in Ogun State. This study is limited to Odeda Local Government area of Ogun State.


School: This refers to a place where formal education takes place

Drop-out: This refers to a discontinuation from school. Those that do not complete a particular level of schooling

Student: This is a learner or someone who attends an educational institution.

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