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This study as a matter of fact appreciate the splendid effects of the media in fighting the wills of the society. The study examine the role of the media I curbing crisis, ridden political scene of the country through its contribution in maintenance and dispensation of justice as regards to political crisis in the country. Content analysis method of research was applied in the study, where media coverage on judicial proceedings of electoral crises of 1999, 2003 and 2007 general elections was coded and analyzed. The study was very significant especially now that the whole world are embracing democratic system of government. And for the fact that Nigeria has suffered so much from military rule together with recent increase in political consciousness in the country. The will help to sustain democracy. Moreso, the result of the study reveal that media role in maintenance and dispensation of justice in political crisis cannot be over emphasized. Adequate media attention has been accorded to the said crisis. The study also went further to reveal that political crisis in the country is at increase. Much is expected from judicial to speed up dispensation of justice and put an end to delay of justice in the country. The study offered useful solution on how to find lasting solution to political crisis.



The political structure and practice in the country since the amalgamation of the protectorates of NOrther Nigeria and southern Nigeria was achieved by Royal proclamation of 1914 by Lord Lugard Fredrick been characterized with the much crisis.

The situation degenerated after Nigeria independence, from bad to worse to the extent that the once ever admired unity and development of the country was badly threatened.

For decades the Nation was engulfed by political crisis, the judiciary as the arm of government sadded with the responsibility of setting dispute, maintenance of law and order. It also serve as election petition tribunal seems not been able to calm the wave of the political tension.

Despite the situation, media as watch dog of the society has its impact in all spare of human endeavour. The role of media as regards to political crisis, country to ensure absolute maintenance and dispensation of justice will be highlighted.

1.1      Background of the Study

Basically, the incessant crisis that has been going on in the country for so many years can be classified into two. That is, political oriented and Religious oriented crisis.  However, it is not an understatement to call the entire disturbance political because, politic crisis is higher. And again religion is equally politics.

The study is going to cover different kind of political crisis so far recorded in the country, ranging from party dispute, disqualification of candidates, in discriminate impeachment of political office holders and assassination of political opponents.

Emphasis will be on media, considering the vital role it plays in the society in the area of mass mobilization, social crusading uniting, and maintaining the entire society through gathering information. The way it has enhance maintenance any dispensation of justice in political crisis as listed above.


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