A Critical Investigation On The Social Consequences Of Alcohol Abuse Among Nigerian Youths (A Case Study Of Ikwerre, Rivers State)

CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Alcohol is a colorless flammable liquid found in wine, beer, spirits, and other beverages as a byproduct of yeast, sugars, and starch fermentation. It has also been described as a substance with a central nervous system depressive effect (Schinke, Schwinn, Cole 2006). The liver largely metabolizes it via biochemical processes. Alcohol use, according to (Perkins, 2002), has socioeconomic and sociocultural consequences for individuals in society, particularly students. It is given and used at ceremonies, oaths, vows, celebrations, and other joyful events. During the colonial era, it was employed as a mark of appreciation and respect. Palm wine made from oil palm and raffia palm trees was a popular alcoholic beverage in the south-east. According to Okonkwo (2018), interactions between Europeans...
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