An Evaluation Of Parental Job Loss And Its Influence On The Educational Achievement Of Their Wards

CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of the study There is solid evidence that job loss is often followed by significant and long-term decreases in individual incomes (Jacobson et al., 1993; Stevens, 1997). Oreopoulos et al. (2008) also discovered that parental job loss has an impact on their children's wages and welfare benefits when they are young adults. 1 The authors viewed these results as inter generational income effects that might be causal. However, this study was unable to reveal the mechanisms through which parental job loss and subsequent income decreases may effect children's wages. An income impact is one of the key ways in which parental job loss may influence the educational results of children. The significant and long-term loss of parental income as a result of job loss may limit parents' capacity to support their...
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