An Evaluation Of The Effect Of Alcoholism On The Academic Performance Of Senior Students (A Case Study Of Selected Schools In Bayelsa State)

CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Academic performance, or how effectively a student satisfies the standards set by the institution, is used to gauge achievement in educational institutions. As professional rivalry in the workplace becomes more intense, the importance of pupils doing well in school has captured the attention of both parents and employers (Fried & Dunn, 2012). Osain & Alekseevic, (2016) opined that education is not the sole path to success in the workplace; great effort is expended in schools to detect, assess, measure, and promote students' development. Parents are concerned about their child's academic success because they assume that excellent grades will lead to better employment opportunities and job security. School performance is assessed in a variety of ways (Osain & Alekseevic, 2016)....
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