Problems of Teaching Mathematics in Secondary Schools

CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Mathematics is the study of amount, structure, space, relation, change, and numerous patterns, forms, and entities (Wikibooks, 2011). It encourages mental training. It is a necessary subject and the Queen of Sciences (Guass, 1856). Borel (2014) argued that Mathematics is the Queen of Sciences and a servant of Science disciplines, but Life (2014) considered Mathematics to be the King of Arts and Queen of Science. According to Betiku (2001), Sciences, Technology, and Mathematics Education (STME) are commonly acknowledged as the barometer for gauging a country's social, economic, and geopolitical growth. Mathematics is more than just the science of numbers taught by teachers in schools and either loved or despised by many students. It had a significant impact on people's lives, the world, and...
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