An Examination Of Poverty And Its Effect On Educational Development Of Children In Kogi State

CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background Of The Study Poverty is a worldwide issue as affirmed by Ibrahim, (2007) which affects people at varied depths, and degrees at various times and stages. It is seen by Ajegi, (2004), as the world's most serious challenge to peace and security, outweighing terrorism and other widely recognized conflicts. Over eight million people according Borgen(2013), die in the world at large each year, because they are too impoverished to survive. The United Nations Development Project (UNDP) projected that around 1.4 billion people were living in extreme poverty in 2010. Despite Nigerian government's poverty eradication initiatives, national development plans, and sessional papers as postulated by Hiffe(2011), poverty remains a serious concern in the country. He further acknowledged poverty as a huge danger to...
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