Ai Content Detection Tools

Having access to the best AI content detection tools is now mandatory in the world of content creation and academics. The fast rise in Artificial Intelligence (AI) has paved the way for writing software, such that identifying human-written content, from generated ones, is now almost impossible. Although most of these AI writing software come with their own perks, such as quick content optimization or even idea generation, some are now doing all the work of writing. Thereby, leading to plagiarized and low-quality content. In this article, we will unveil a list of 8 best AI content detection tools and you will also get tips on how to choose the best one that suits your needs.


This is a unique AI content detection tool because it has some features that make it unique. It is free to use but if you want access to other features like plagiarism checking, you need to pay. Checking your content with Crossplag involves a simple process and you will get the results within a few minutes. To use this tool, go to their website ( and paste the text you want to check into the AI content detection window, and hit the “check” box located below. The system will get to work on your text once it’s done, and you will get a breakdown of your result. The result will be portrayed in percentages on a scale. If your result falls in the green section on the left, then it is written by a human, while the red section shows it is AI-generated. However, if it falls in the yellow section in-between, that means the text is a mix of both AI and Human efforts.

This tool has gained significant popularity over time because of how efficient it is in AI content detection. Reviews have shown that it had great accuracy in its detection of original content. On its website (, it boasts of being the most accurate, 99 %, AI content detector for content marketers. This means it efficiently detects any content that is written by Chat GPT, Bard, Paraphrasing, and GPT-4 AI. So, if you are a content marketer, writer, publisher, or SEO specialist, this easy tool will make your work easier and faster, thereby maintaining the desired content quality and integrity. However, Originality AI comes at a price, with its Base Subscription at $14.95 per month. With this, you get access to 2000 Credits wherein 1 Credit Scan for 100 Words, Additional Credits for $0.01/credit, AI Scan, Plagiarism Scan, and Readability Scan, among other features.

Sapling AI Detector

If you are specifically searching for a free tool that can detect if the content was generated by an AI model such as GPT-3.5 or ChatGPT, then Sapling is one of the best choices you can get. This tool is so efficient that it can efficiently analyze even content as low as 50 words. It also allows you to install the AI Content Detector for the ChatGPT extension by Through this, you can detect AI content across the Internet. When you check any content, long or short, the overall score will be shown. It will also highlight the part that is likely AI-generated. Although the basics are free, you will have to pay to access other features like autocomplete. Individuals pay $25 per month, while enterprises get a custom quote.

Kazan SEO

This is another free-to-use AI content detection tool. Kazan SEO is a full-service SEO suite. This is even better as you can get all your work done in a place. Just like most software detection tools, to use this, you will copy your text and paste it in the provided section on their website, ( The overall percentage will be generated alongside an insight. The amazing features of the free software aside from AI content detection include, content optimization, SERP Overlap, keyword clustering, Text extractor, content optimization, etc. AI Content Detector

This software is a free AI content detection software that has gotten many positive reviews from people who have utilized it. As stated on the website ( it is a completely free software that helps to evaluate the inputted text by calculating the percentage that is likely to have been generated by AI. To use this feature, you can access it as a free tool or through the API. That means you don’t need to log in to to use it. When using it as a free tool, you are limited to 1,500 characters, which is equivalent to the 300 words limit. However, if your text is long, it’s advisable to break it into the word limit and check in parts. The text score to determine if it is human-written is between a scale of 0 to 100%. 80% is the acceptable threshold and any score below that is flagged as AI-generated.


This is an amazing and easy-to-use AI content detection tool. It has a limited free version available, with its payment plan starting as low as $10.99 monthly. Whether you are checking academic content, articles, or creative writing, Copyleaks helps you ascertain its originality and quality. However, it prides itself on having 91.1% accuracy and is the most accurate AI detector according to a third-party study ( This tool helps to detect AI text generated using ChatGPT (including GPT-4), Bard, and others. It also easily detects paraphrased AI content and gives an In-Depth analysis of the text result. Another feature that makes Copyleaks AI detector stand out is that it supports over 15 languages, including English, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), with more languages being worked upon.

Winston AI

This software is one of the best available AI Detectors because it helps to check the content to highlight the ones that have been generated with ChatGPT, GPT-4, Bard, Bing Chat, Claude, and many more Large Language Models. It boasts of having 99.6% accuracy, ( which makes it a great choice for writers, educators, and Web publishers. To use, all you need to do is create your account for free, paste the text using a quick scan, or upload the document and you will get your result in seconds. It is so versatile it can even scan books. You will get your answer on a scale of 0 to 100 percent. For pricing, you can use the free version which allows you to scan up to 80,000 words. However, if you would like to have access to more words and features, like generating shareable pdf results, and unlimited team members, then you can choose from the available paid versions.


This is another completely free but effective AI content detection tool. Using this software, you can detect content generated by ChatGPT, GPT3, GPT4, Bard, and other AI models. It is so efficient over one million users have used it in just a few months of its release. However, it was specifically built to help educators as AI writing tools have taken the world by storm ( GPTZero features Chrome extension, gives writing statistics, and has an API. However, if you intend to use it for large text, you are required to sign up and verify yourself as a teacher.

Tips on How to Choose One

Choosing the best AI content detection tool can be confusing, but here the tips to guide you:

  • Check for the percentage of accuracy it offers.
  • Ensure it can easily be integrated into your work mode.
  • Consider the cost involved.
  • Check the Internet for user reviews.
  • Select the one that fits your specific content requirements. This could be long or short-form content, educational, publisher, or writing among others.
  • Test the tool’s ability with sample data.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to detect AI content online?

Select an appropriate AI detection tool, free or paid, and sign up as required. Paste or upload the text you want to check and run the check to detect whether it’s generated by AI or humans.

Can Google really detect AI content?

Yes, Google has advanced in the use of different systems and algorithms which helps it to easily detect AI content. It also works to continually improve its AI-generated content skills.

Is QuillBot AI detectable?

QuillBot basically helps to improve writing, so it is classified as a language paraphrasing and grammar correction tool. Although it uses AI techniques to achieve these tasks, most AI detection tools won’t classify it as AI content.

Is ChatGPT detectable?

Yes, many AI decision software can flag and detect any content written by ChatGPT. This is because most of the contents generated by language models like ChatGPT have certain patterns or characteristics.

Do universities use AI checker?

Most universities are against the use of AI-generated content because it takes away the originality that is needed and plagiarism is a grave offense in the academic world.


The world of writing is at a stage where low-quality content is being written or published almost daily, which will no doubt affect your content ranking. To avoid being a victim of this and to stay optimized with quality content, utilize any of these efficient AI content detection tools.

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