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Free Electrical Engineering Project Topics & Materials for Final Year Students

In our research archive, we have lots of free undergraduate and master’s electrical engineering project topics, and premium research papers in power, circuit diagram e.t.c. And also, related research seminar titles and journals for final year students in the eee and iit department.

Below is a list of best electrical engineering project topics and materials PDF documents for students acquiring a degree in the college of education (NCE), National Diploma (ND), Higher National Diploma (HND), and Bachelor of Science (BSC).

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Contents of Electrical Engineering Project Material PDF Document

Our electrical engineering project topics on this website have their complete works and materials and ready for instant download in PDF or MS-Word format. All electrical engineering project topics on this website are free and the complete material comes with Chapters 1-5 including the Proposal, Abstract, Introduction, Literature Review, Data Analysis and Presentation, Conclusion, Recommendation, References/Bibliography, Questionnaires, and Diagrams

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List of Free Electrical Engineering Project Topics and Research Materials PDF

  1. Thermal Modelling Of Induction Machine Using The Lumped Parameter Model
  2. The Inadequacy Of Earthing In Building Structures In Zaria
  3. The Effect Of Interval Length And Model Basis On Fuzzy Time Series Electric Load Forecasting
  4. The Current Status And Future Challenges Of Electricity Market In Nigeria In The Face Of Deregulation
  5. The Construction Of A 2kva Automatic Voltage Regulator (Avr)
  6. Study And Comparison Of Modern Nosql Models For Large Scaled Websites
  7. State-Space Design And Construction Of A Magnetic Suspension System
  8. Sms-Based Information Search And Retrieval System
  9. Design And Construction Of A 1.5 Kva Inverter
  10. Simulation Of Error Correction Codes On Wireless Communication Systems
  11. Simulation Modelling Of Voltage Stability Of An Interconnected Electric Power System Network
  12. Seasonal Variation Of Mobile Radio Propagation Characteristics In Kaduna Metropolis And Environs: A Case Study Of Mtn And Airtel
  13. Resource Reservation Scheme With Retrial For Improved Gsm Network Performance
  14. Power System Restoration Using Artificial Neural Networks
  15. Policy And Regulatory Framework For Fiber Optic Backbone In Abuja
  16. Performance Of Real-Time Monitoring Of Radio Access Availability In A Network
  17. Performance And Power Consumption Analysis Of Symmetric Encryption Algorithms In Wireless Devices
  18. Operations Support Systems, Implication Of Software Errors In Gsm Network Performance (A Case Study Of Airtel Network)
  19. Natural Variable Modeling And Performance Of Interior Permanent Magnet Motor With Concentrated And Distributed Windings
  20. Modelling And Simulation Of Leakage-Induced Pressure Drops Along Oil And Gas Pipelines
  21. Modeling And Simulation Of A Standalone Photovoltaic System
  22. Modeling And Parameter Extraction Of A 214 Mva Turbo-Generator Driven By Dc Motors During Off-Line Short-Circuit
  23. Load Profiling Approach In Clustering Automated Electrical Power Metering System
  24. Investigation Of Alternatives From Local Raw Materials For Power Transformer Liquid Dielectrics
  25. Improving Vehicular Traffic Light Control In A Developing Countryusing Onroad Wireless Sensors Networks (Wsn)
  26. Improving Database Availability Through Fault Monitoring And Early Detection
  27. Improved Energy Efficiency Using Facts-Device Technique: A Case Study Of Ogui-Enugu Power Distribution Network
  28. Implementation Of Unified Power Flow Controller (Upfc) For Improvement Of Voltage Stability In A Congested Electric Network
  29. Implementation Of A Student Information Database For Digital Bridge Institute
  30. Home Control Switch Automation Using Gsm Communication
  31. Global Models Of Spectrum Allocation And Management
  32. Faults Diagnosis On A Power System Transmission Line Using Neural Network
  33. Evaluation Of Quality Of Service Key Performance Indicators For M-Tel Network Of Area Vi Kaduna
  34. Enhancing The Accuracy Of Cardiotocogram Analysis Using Fuzzy Logic System
  35. Electromagnetic Compatibility Assessment In A Dual Radio Frequency Environment
  36. Traffic Analysis Of A Mobile Switching Centre — A Case Study Of Celtel Plc Lagos
  37. The Quantification Of The Influence Of Rain Attentuation On Received Power At Ka Band
  38. The Impact Of Node Velocity On Mobile Adhoc Data Network (Madnet) Performance
  39. The Design And Construction Of An Inverter
  40. The Construction Of Automatic Voltage Inverter And A Battery Charger
  41. Tele-Alarming Smoke Detecting Device Using Gsm
  42. Steady State Security Assessment Of Distribution Network With Distributed Generation
  43. Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation For 3, 4 And 5 Level Diode Clamped Converter With Experimental Verification Of 3-Level Un-Modulated Diode Clamped Converter
  44. Sliding Mode Direct Torque Control Of Three Phase Induction Machine Applicable In Electric Vehicles
  45. Simulation Of An Improved Switch Network Of Aau Main Library Complex
  46. Short-Term Electric Power Forecast In The Nigerian Power System Using Artificial Neural Network
  47. Rfid Based Electronic Toll Plaza System
  48. Reliability Assessment Of Gsm Power System Network (Case Study Of Airtel Nigeria Limited)
  49. Power System Compensation Using Passive Compensators And Facts Controllers
  50. Perspectives On Macrocell Propagation Models And Analysis (A Case Study Of Celtel Network, Kano)
  51. Performance Evaluation Of Handover Scenarios In Mobile Wimax Networks
  52. Performance Analysis Of The Queuing Behaviour Of An Output Shared Buffer Atm Switch
  53. Optimum Wlan Performance Under Saturated Traffic Loading
  54. Optimisation Of Data Throughput For Leo Satellite Downlink Using Trellis Coded Modulation
  55. Open-Loop Variable Voltage Variable Frequency Control Of Three (3) Phase Induction Motor For An Electric Vehicle Drive
  56. Monitoring And Control Of 3-Tier Power Supply
  57. Modeling And Simulation Of Compact Fluorescent Lamp For The Analysis And Mitigation Of Harmonics Injection Into Power Distribution Network
  58. Modeling And Performance Of A Self-Excited Two-Phase Reluctance Generator
  59. Maximum Power Point Tracking Of Polycrystalline Photovoltaic Cells Based On Optimized Adaptive Differential Conductance Technique
  60. Line Losses Minimization In Electrical Power Network Using Particle Swarm Optimization
  61. Influence Of Wind And Rain On A Foliage Radio-Wave Propagation Channel
  62. Influence Of Saliency Ratio (Xd/Xq) On The Performance Of Three-Phase Synchronous Reluctance Generators.
  63. Improving Software Security Using Static And Runtime Analysis
  64. Improvement On Concurrency Control In A Distributed Database
  65. Improved Energy Efficiency Using Facts-Device Technique: A Case Study Of Ogui-Enugu Power Distribution Network.
  66. Implementation Of An Automatic Fire Detection And Alarm System
  67. Illumination Design And Simulation For Outdoor Sporting Arenas
  68. Handover Management In Cellular Communication Systems
  69. Forecasting And Modeling Statistical Phenomena Using Neurofuzzy Logic: A Case Study Of Rainfall Forecasting For Zaria
  70. Factor Affecting Power Outage In Nigeria
  71. Evaluating The Performance Of Unified Power Flow Controller (Upfc) On Fault Current Limitation In The Nigerian 330kv Power Network
  72. Emergency Data Information System For Road Accident Victims (Edisrav)
  73. Electric Power Consumption Reduction In A Distribution Network. A Case Study Of The University Of Nigeria, Nsukka (Campus)
  74. Effect Of Triangular And Gaussian Membership Functions In Fuzzy Time Series Forecasting: A Case Study Of Electric Load Forecasting
  75. Effect Of Service Differentiation On Quality Of Service (Qos) In Ieee 802.11e Enhanced Distributed Channel Access (Edca
  76. Development Of Monarch Butterfly Optimization Algorithm For Economic Load Dispatch Solution
  77. Development Of Firefly Algorithm Based Method For Distributed Generation Planning In An Unbalanced Three-Phase Distribution Network Using Voltage Stability Index
  78. Development Of An Improved Short-Term Peak Load Forecasting Model Based On Seasonal Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average And Nonlinear Autoregressive Neural Network For Nigeria Power System Grid
  79. Development Of A State Estimation Based Improved Detection And Localization Of Non-Technical Losses Using Smart Meter Measurements
  80. Development Of A Sensitivity Index Based Technique For Unified Power Flow Controller Placement With Contingency Analysis On Nigeria 330kv Transmission Network
  81. Development Of A Model Of Intelligent Mobile Learning System (Imls) Using Multi-Agents
  82. Development Of A Deep Convolutional Neural Network Based System For Object Recognition In Visible Light And Infrared Images
  83. Development Of A Clonal Selection Algorithm Based System For Automatic Detection Of Multiple Shapes
  84. Development And Comparative Analysis Of Quotients Regression Based Empirical And Artificial Neural Network Based Models For Path Loss Prediction
  85. Determination Of An Improved Spectrum Sensing Threshold For Cognitive Radio Using Smoothed Pseudo Wigner-Ville Distribution
  86. Design And Construction Of An Inverter Type Arc Welding Machine
  87. Design And Simulation Of Vehicle Speed Control System
  88. Design And Installation Of 200 Watt Solar Power System
  89. Design And Fabrication Of Freeze Dryer
  90. Design And Construction Of Sound Detector With Alarm System
  91. Design And Construction Of Automatic Emergency Light
  92. Design And Construction Of A Vehicle Tracking And Accident Alert System Using Gps And Gsm Module
  93. Design And Construction Of A Light Activated Remote Controlled Fan Regulator
  94. Design And Construction Of A Gsm/Sms Based Fire Alarm System
  95. Design And Construction Of A College Ringer
  96. Design And Construction Of 20watts Wireless Public Address System
  97. Contingency Evaluation Of The Nigerian 330kv Transmission Grid
  98. Construction Of Microcontroller Based Vehicle Speed Alarm.
  99. Construction Of Automatic Water Level Controller For Both Overhead And Underground Tanks
  100. Construction Of A Microcontroller Based T-Junction Traffic Light Controller
  101. Construction Of A Gsm Based Home Automation Using Avr
  102. Construction And Design Of A 6v Rechargeable Lamp
  103. Business Management System Software
  104. Assessment Of Transient Stability Enhancement Capability Of Unified Power Flow Controller In A Multi-Machine Power System
  105. Artificial Neural Network-Based Cellular Network Predictive Systemfor Resource Allocation
  106. Analysis And Optimisation Of Inter Cell Handover Dynamics In A Gsm Network (A Case Study Of Airtel Kano, Nigeria
  107. An Improved Model For Key Performance Indicators Analysis For Mobile Number Portability Scheme For Gsm Subscribers In Nigeria
  108. An Assessment Of The Impact Of Harmattan Particles On Microwave Propagation In The Savannah Region (A Case Study Of N’Djamena, Chad)
  109. An Analytical Approach To Analogue/Digital Transition In Radio And Television Broadcasting
  110. Academic Portal For Electronic Engineering Department, University Of Nigeria, Nsukka
  111. Three-Level Inverter-Based Static Var Compensator
  112. A Technical Report On Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme At The Transmission Company Of Nigeria
  113. A Study Of Wind Powered Turbine Generation
  114. A Seminar Report On Circuit Breakers
  115. A Novel Approach For Power System Protection In High Voltage Power System At 132kv
  116. A Hybrid Modulation Scheme For Cascaded H-Bridge Inverter Cells
  117. A High Performance 8khz Pulse Width Modulated Voltage Fed Inverter For Induction Heating
  118. A Current Source Inverter-Fed Constant Air Gap Flux Controlled Squirrel Cage Induction Motor Drive
  119. A Closed Loop Pulse Width Modulated Vsi-Based Control Of Squirrel Cage Induction Motor
  120. Effect Of Service Differentiation On Quality Of Service (Qos) In Ieee 802.11e Enhanced Distributed Channel Access (Edca)
  121. Effect Of Moisture On California Bearing Ratio Of Awgu Soil
  122. Development Of Multicast Algorithm For The Determination Of Minimum Cost Of Bandwidth Over Coded Packet Wireless Network
  123. Development Of An Online Information Retrieval System (A Case Study Of Nigeria’S Federal Civil Servants)
  124. Development Of An Improved Forced Island And Load Shedding Scheme To Prevent System Collapse
  125. Development Of A Shunt Active Power Filter For Harmonic Reduction Using Synchronous Reference Frame With Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation
  126. Development Of A Dynamic Atm Handover Resource Reservation System
  127. Development Of A Data Rate-Based Sleep Mode Algorithm For Energy Savings In An Lte Heterogeneous Network For A Pico Enodeb Cell
  128. Development And Analysis Of An Improved Pv-Array Model With Shading Effects
  129. Design And Construction Of Automatic Phase Selector
  130. Design Of Solar Lead Acid Battery Charger
  131. Design And Simulation Of A Wind-Solar Hybrid Energy System For Mobile Telecommunication Sites
  132. Design And Implementation Of Security Door System Using Radio Frequency Signal
  133. Design And Implementation Of 10kva Solar Supported Inverter With Charge Controller
  134. Design And Fabrication A Mini Copula Furnace And An Atomizer For The Production Of Powdered Metal From Waste Aluminium Cans
  135. Design And Construction Of Uninterruptible Power Supply
  136. Design And Construction Of Smart Fan
  137. Design And Construction Of An Automatic Solar Powered Security Lightning System
  138. Design And Construction Of A Home Energy Management System
  139. Design And Construction Of A Gsm Based Energy Meter
  140. Design And Construction Of A Simple Burglar Alarm System
  141. Derivation Of The Bandwidth Resource Allocation In An Atm-Based Network
  142. Construction Of Pvs Conduit Wiring System Of Two Bedroom Bungalow
  143. Construction Of Digital Ac Power Controller
  144. Construction Of A Microcontroller Based Gate
  145. Construction Of Automatic Change Over Switch
  146. Construction Of A 12v Battery Charger
  147. Cellular Network Call Handover Radio Channels Reservation Model Using Matlab
  148. Bandwidth Management Using Ip Traffic Analysis: A Case Study Of The Ahmadu Bello University Zaria
  149. Assessment Of Location And Neighbourhood Effects On Real Property Investment Decisions In Enugu Urban
  150. Application Of Common Management Information Protocol (Cmip) In Atm Network Bandwidth Allocation System
  151. An Insulation Co-Ordination Procedure For Power System Equipment
  152. An Assessment Of Wind Direction And Wind Induced Electric Transmission Line Loads: A Probabilistic Approach
  153. An Assessment Of Embedded Power Generation In Nigeria
  154. Algorithm Development For Fingerprint Image Enhancement Using Wavelet Processing
  155. Abrasive Wear Studies Of Pack Cyanided Mild Steel (Pcms) A Thesis Submitted To The Academic Affairs And Other Administrative Units In Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirement For The Degree Of Master Of Science By Arthur, Emmanuel Kwesi (Materials Science And Engineering) Supervisor: Prof. Wole Soboyejo
  156. A Web- Based Management Information System For National Health Insureance Scheme
  157. A Three-Factor Authentication Model For Improved Security
  158. A Study On The Effects Of Rain Attenuation For A Ka Band Satellite System Over Nigeria
  159. A Study Of The Unified Power Quality Conditioner (Upqc) For Improved Radial Distribution Network
  160. A Seminar On The Potentials Of The Mini-Grid As A Driver Of The Nigerian Economy Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka.
  161. A Linear Approach To System Analysis And Design Of Temperature Controller System For A Boiler Plant
  162. A Hybrid Genetic-Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm For Economic Load Dispatch With Valve-Point And Multiple Fuel Effects
  163. A Fault Detection And Protection Scheme For A 200 Mva Transformer Using Fuzzy Logic
  164. A Cuckoo Search Based Co-Ordination Of Distributed Generation Units And Shunt Capacitor Bank In Radial Distribution Networks
  165. A Critical Analysis Of Transient Stability Of Electrical Power System A Case Study Of Nigerian 330kv Power System
  166. Design And Construction Of Electronic Display Unit


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