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This study is an attempt to investigate the comparative study of the level of job satisfaction among secondary school teachers, a case study of Igueben Local Government Area of Edo State. Chapter two contains the contribution of some authors or writers in the areas concerning job satisfaction. Chapter three is the survey of the level of job satisfaction among secondary school teachers in Igueben Local Government Area of Edo State. In carrying out this survey, a questionnaire was prepared and given to teachers in secondary schools in Igueben Local Government Area to ascertain their opinions about job satisfaction. Other methods adopted in this survey include personal observation and interview. Chapter four deals with the analysis of data collected and the results of this data were discussed. Finally, chapter five deals with the recommendation and the solution of the perception of job satisfaction by the different categories of teachers in Igueben Local Government Area of Edo State.


CHAPTER ONE                                        

  1. Background to the study
  2. Statement of the problem
  3. Objective of the study
  4. Research questions
  5. Significance of the study
  6. Scope of the study
  7. Limitation of the study
  8. Definition of terms

CHAPTER TWO                                                 

2.1 Literature Review

CHAPTER THREE                                                                           

Research methodology

3.1 Population

3.2 Area of study

3.3 Sample and sampling procedure

3.4 Research instrument

3.5 Administration of questionnaire

3.6 Analysis of data

CHAPTER FOUR                                                                            

4.1 Analysis and interpretation of data

CHAPTER FIVE                                                           

5.1 Summary

5.2 Conclusion

5.3 Recommendation






For s very long time, man has continued to work for his survival and for any effort exerted. He expected satisfaction. It is believed that satisfaction derived spared him further to reach the present stage of development. It has always supervised this researcher from various findings such as daily news, magazines and ordinary discussion with individuals to note that some sectors have the economy of business units grow more than others.

While others wallow in bankruptcy and eventually collapse in efficiency and woeful performance or is it that the unit gives special incentives to their workers that they are able to maximize their efficiency and effectiveness? And if so are these incentives to for reaching that the declaiming unit cannot offer. The status of a nation depends largely on the output of the citizens in fact the strength of the nation is the addition of the individual strength. Why some countries are more developed than others. There is no doubt that the heights they have reached are the handwork of the citizen then it is not out of place to think that sole nation having better motivational factors than others, it then night follow that some nation are not capable, of providing these, hence the citizen have not put in their best herald their in the public. It so what are these factors that so difficult some nation.

The researchers have been particularly disturbed with the performance of the educational sector of the economy, government has cover the years continue to employ more able staff than hither to man it ever increasing institutions in the pasts decade, the majority of teaching secondary school and primary schools were West Africa Certificate and first school learning certificate holders respectively, the 1980, till date have witnessed against strike by all state government to ensure that the Nigerian certificate in education and first degree is the last qualification to qualify one to teach in primary and secondary schools respectively. It is out of the requirement of the 6-3-3-4 national policies on education.

Ironically, however, from the comparative view of the result of SOS and now from school performance analysis have shamefully be poorer than those produced the standard teachers of the 1970s, many have suggested that the teachers we have in the 70’s were more hardworking than the present. But is it not that the present teachers are more aware of their right conditions of service etc. that is been denied come to think of it, how do you expect somebody to put in his best when the necessary. As Harzbery et al (1959) have indicated when some of these wants are not met. They may lead to low job performance. More workers are concentrated in student performance problems and how they could be solved by these has been met with increasing useful result. This researcher believes that the teacher have to be sufficiently motivated it good results are expected.  It is against these background workers in general and the recent development in Edo State educational institutions has it related to teachers in particular that necessitated the present study.


A casual discussion with some teachers’ school administrators, ministry of education officers shows that some teachers derive little or no satisfaction from their job.

However, categories at teachers derive satisfaction; the present study is concern with investigating the overall job satisfaction among secondary school teachers in Igueben Local Government Area specially the study which focus attention on the following problems.

  1. What factors are likely to satisfy the Nigeria teachers?
  2. Are secondary school teachers in Igueben Local Government Area satisfied with the job?
  3. What are the causes of their dissatisfaction?
  4. What is the level of job satisfaction of teachers with regards to their salary, age experience, set and qualification?


The major purpose of this research is to investigate the level of job satisfaction among secondary schools teachers in Igueben Local Government Area of Edo State.

More specifically, it is also intention of the study to find out how the variable of administrative style and group activities, sex, age, years of experience and educational qualification of secondary school teachers are related to the course of dissatisfaction.

  2. Is there any significant between the perception of job satisfaction among male and female teachers?
  3. Is there any significant difference between the perceptions of job satisfaction among the highly and lowly qualified teachers?
  4. There is no significant difference on the perception on job satisfaction between the old and the young teachers?
  5. There is no significant difference on perception on job satisfaction between high and low income teachers?
  6. There are no significant differences on perception between the less and more experience teachers?


It is likely that learning to understanding satisfaction is on important aspect of learning to manage. Harzberg et al (1959) has noted that no matter what level of organizational capacity was been utilized, the attitude of its employed towards their work might very well determine success or failure. No doubt knowledge of what a worker want from his job is essential to personal practice.

There are likely few studied to motivational factors and job satisfaction in Nigeria, it is hoped that the present study will be of significant help to the government and other functionaries charged with the responsibility of managing the welfare of teachers.


Motivation factors: All the inducement given to workers to enable them work well.

Satisfaction: State of contentment joy derived from motivation, which encourages increased productivity.

Old teacher: These are teachers above thirty-five years of age, while young teachers are those below thirty-six years.

Highly qualified teachers: These are teachers with first or higher degree while teachers with N.C.E or H.N.D or low certificate are said to be lowerly qualified.

More experienced teachers: These are teachers who have taught for more than fifteen years. While the less experienced ones are those that have taught for fifteen years or below.

High income earners: This is the teachers whose salary grade level are 09 above while the low income earners is on salary grade level of 08 or below.


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