An Assessment Of The Prevalence And Effects Of Alcoholism Among Secondary School Students (Case Study Of Okpanam High School, Delta State)

 CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Alcohol has been consumed for thousands of years. Drinking alcoholic drinks is a typical component of social functions in many regions of the world. Adelekan, Abiodun, Imouokhom-Obayan, & Ogunremi (1996) noted that while alcohol use is strongly established in many communities, recent years have seen global shifts in drinking patterns: rates of consumption, excessive drinking among the general population, and high episodic drinking among young people are all on the rise in many nations (Schinke, Schwinn, Cole 2006). Nonetheless, alcohol intake poses a risk of negative health and societal effects due to its intoxicating, poisonous, and dependence-producing qualities. Intoxication (drunkenness), dependency (habitual, compulsive, and long-term drinking), and other biochemical impacts of...
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