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Public Health Project Topics and Materials PDF & DOC Download

Public health project topics and complete project materials instant download in PDF and DOC format for final year undergraduates and postgraduates students 2020 and 2021.

Do you need free Public health project topics and good research materials for your final year project? We have got you covered. On this page, we listed easy and recent Public health project topics you can use for your final year research work with their complete materials ready for instant download in PDF and DOC format.

Welcome to Edustore.NG, your number online academic research library in Nigeria. This article will do justice by listing out free project topics on Public health and affordable research materials for final year students in NCE, OND, HND, BSC, PGDE, MSC, Ph.D.


Free Public Health Project Topics and Materials for Final Year Students

In our research archive, we have lots of free Public health project topics, and premium research papers for college students and works in health education, health management, public health nutrition, health communication, public health microbiology e.t.c. And also, related research seminar topics/works and journals for final year students in the Public health department.

Below is a list of best Public health project topics and materials PDF documents for undegradute students acquiring a degree in the college of education (NCE), National Diploma (ND), Higher National Diploma (HND), and Bachelor of Science (BSC).

Masters and Ph.D. students can also get their thesis and dissertation topics on this page. All you need to do is to select your topics below and submit to your supervisor for approval. Then after approval come back for your complete material.


Contents of Public Health Final Year Project Material PDF Document

Our Public health project topics on this website have their complete works and materials and ready for instant download in PDF or MS-Word format. All Public health project topics on this website are free and the complete material comes with Chapters 1-5 including the Proposal, Abstract, Introduction, Literature Review, Data Analysis and Presentation, Conclusion, Recommendation, References/Bibliography, Questionnaires.

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List of Free Public Health Project Topics and Research Materials PDF

  1. Knowledge And Acceptability Of Cervical Cancer Screening Among Female Student In The Federal University Of Technology Owerri
  2. Effect Of Health And Safety On Employees Productivity
  3. Impact Of Covid 19 On Schools In Nigeria
  4. Impact Of Community Health Workers On Care And Management Of Elderly Condition
  5. The Impact Of Social Distancing And Frequent Hand Washing In Reducing The Spread Of Corona Virus Disease (Covid-19) In Nigeria
  6. Methane Emissions From Landfills: Problems And Solution
  7. The Impact Of Infectious Epidemic On Social Gathering A Case Study Of Coronavirus Disease
  8. Primary Health Care Services In Nigeria: Critical Issues And Strategies For Enhancing The Use By The Rural Communities
  9. Evaluation Of Current Techniques In Diagnoses Of Human Immune Deficiency Virus Hiv
  10. Factors Associated With The Use Of Maternity Services
  11. Patient’S Perception And Satisfaction With Health Care Professionals At Primary Care Facilities In Nigeria
  12. Factors Influencing Women’S Choice Of Place Of Delivery In Nigeria
  13. Pregnancy Duration And Choice Of Ante-Natal And Delivery Care
  14. Factors Affecting Utilization Of Health Care Services
  15. Factors Influencing Childbearing Women’S Choice Of Health Care Services
  16. The Effect Of Poverty And Access To Health Care
  17. Lack Of Awareness On Prevention Of Anaemia In Pregnancy Among Pregnant Women In Rural Area
  18. Economic Role Of Solidarity And Social Capital In Accessing Modern Health Care Services In Nigeria
  19. Demand For Health Care Services In Nigeria: Implications For Poverty Reduction
  20. The Impact Of Private Financing Of Health Care System In Nigeria
  21. Organization And Financing Of Primary Health Care In Nigeria: Problems, Issues And Alternative Approaches
  22. The Impact Of Challenges And Limitations Confronting International Organisation In Carrying Out Humanitarian Aid
  23. Prevalence Of Malnutrition Among Children Under Five
  24. Level Of Awareness On The Prevention Of Anaemia Among Pregnant Women
  25. The Attitude Of Health Workers Towards Relapse Prevention Among Psychiatric Patients
  26. Factors Affecting Family Planning Services In Rural Area Among Women
  27. Utilization Of Antenatal And Maturity Services By Mothers Seeking Child Welfare Services In Nigeria
  28. Level Of Awareness And Prevention Of Anaemia In Pregnancy Among Pregnant Women
  29. Males Involvement Towards The Prevention Of Mother To Child Transmission Services Among Pregnant Women
  30. Hepatitis C Virus Among Pregnant Women/People Living With Hiv/Aids
  31. Knowledge And Perception Of Nosocomial Infection Among Health Workers And Resident
  32. An Analysis Of The Increase In Mortality Rate As A Result Of Abortion Among Young Women Of Childbearing Age
  33. Diabetes: A Leading Causes Of Death In Nigeria, How Health Worker Through Education And Health Promotion Could Increase Diabetes Awareness Among Nigerians
  34. Cultural Beliefs And Gender Dynamics Of Pmtct Services Among Pregnant Women
  35. Assessment Of Socio-Economic Status And The Utilization Of Traditional Herbs In The Treatment Of Malaria Among Pregnant Women
  36. Exclusive Breastfeeding And Prevention Of Mother To Child Transmission Of Hiv Among Pregnant Women
  37. Problems And Achievements Of The Nigerian Health Care System
  38. Perceived Exercise And Recreation Among Pregnant Women Attending Antenatal Clinic
  39. Comparative Analysis Of Sources Of Water And Water Borne Diseases
  40. Impact Of Breast Cancer Awareness Programmes On The Prevention Of Breast Cancer Amongst Nigerian Women
  41. Perceived Benefits Of Exercise Among Pregnant Mothers
  42. The Impact Of Health Care Insurance Plans
  43. Attitude And Perception Of Nursing Mothers Towards Exclusive Breastfeeding In Nigeria
  44. Assessing The Prevalence Of Microsporidia In Hiv/Aidspatients
  45. Evaluating The Status Of Schistosomiasis
  46. Sonographic Evaluation Of The Liver In Pregnant Women
  47. Cystoisosporiasis And Associated Risk Factors In Hiv-Infected Patients With Malaria
  48. Factors Associated With Health Seeking And Prevention Of Human. Papilloma Virus Infection
  49. The Rate And Causes Of Infant Motality
  50. Nutritional Status Of Primary School Children
  51. Factors Affecting The Implementation Of Immunization
  52. Factors Determining The Choice Of Health Care Facilities By Pregnant Women
  53. Arthritis And The Health Of The Aged
  54. Accidents And The Health Of Primary School Pupils
  55. Public Health Expenditure And Health Outcomes In Nigeria 1986-2016
  56. Attitude And Practices Of Breast Self Examination Among Female Undergraduate Students Of Tertiary Institutions
  57. Dangers Of Drug Abuse Among The Youths
  58. Knowledge And Awareness Of Radiation Exposure And Safety Practice Among Patients Undergoing Medical Imaging In 3 Selected Hospitals In The F.C.T
  59. Statistical Analysis Of Reported Cases Of Breast Cancer
  60. Intestinal Parasites Among Unity Primary School Pupils, In Oraifite, Ekwusigo L.g.a., Anambra State, Southeastern Nigeria
  61. A Survey Of Open Larval Habitats Of Mosquitoes
  62. Ecology Of Ticks (Acarina Ixodidae) On Cattle
  63. Evaluation Of The Immunization Status Of Children In A Rural Suburb Of Anambra State
  64. Evaluation Of The Immunization Status Of Children In A Rural Suburb Of Anambra State
  65. Nutritional Knowledge And Practices Among Expectant Mothers
  66. Health Care Delivery System For Inmates Of The Nigeria Prison
  67. Effective Motivational Programmes And Productivity In Government Parastatals
  68. Domestic Waste Disposal Effect And The Solutions
  69. Patient Heartbeat And Temperature Monitor
  70. Influence Of Nigerian Television Authority (N.T.A.) Enugu In Improving Rural Health Care Services
  71. Management And Control Of Inventory In Government Health Institution
  72. Appraisal Of The Impact Of Employees Health And Safety On Productivity
  73. Assessment Of The Contributions Of Hydrologic Cycle To The Water Quality Profile Of Otamiri River
  74. Sanitation Practices And Implication On Students Health
  75. Comparative Analysis Of Microbial Load Of The Enugu Main Water Production And Water Available
  76. Fungal Infestation On Bakery Product Bread
  77. Evaluation Of Current Techniques In Diagnoses Of Human Immune Deficiency Virus Hiv
  78. Bacterial Contaminants Associated With Commercial Poultry Feed From Three Different Companies
  79. Examination Of Incidence Of Malaria Infestation Caused By Different Species Of Plasmodium
  80. Prevalence Of Trichomona Vaginalis Among Adults
  81. Sanitation Practices And Implication On Students Health
  82. National Health Insurance Scheme In Nigeria
  83. Study Of Exclusive Breastfeeding Among Nursing Mothers
  84. Isolation And Characterization Of Micro-Organisms
  85. Anaemia In Pregnancy
  86. Epidemology Survey For Sctristosomiasis Among Pupils In Amagunze Community
  87. Antibacterial Activity Of Sweet Orange Citrus Sinensis On Staphylococcus Aureus
  88. Prevalence Of Streptococcus Pneumonia In Pneumonia Patients
  89. Evaluation Of Microorganisms On Garri
  90. Bacheriological Examination Of Idodo River
  91. Bacterial Contaminants Associated With Commercial Poultry Feed From
  92. Incidence Of Salmonella And Escherchia Coli In Livestock
  93. Antibacterial Activity Of Three Types Of Medicated Soaps On Starhyrococcus Aureus Form Would Infections
  94. Microobial Evaluation Of Ram Milk From A Diary Farm
  95. Prevalence Study Of Hepatitis B (Australian Antigen) Among Patient In National Orthopediae Hospital
  96. Incidence Of Candidacies Among Single And Married Women Of Different Age Group
  97. Isolation And Characterization Of Bacteria Associated With Hawked Suya- Meat
  98. Comparative Analysis Of Antimicrobial Strength Of Three Most Common Antibiotics Used
  99. Comparative Analysis Of Pipe Borne Water And Other Sources Of Water
  100. Prevalence And Antimicrobial Susceptibility Of Gram Negative Bacteria In The Urine Of Caritas University Students
  101. Isolation And Identification Of Bacteria From Food Vendors And Some Vegetable Available
  102. Parasitological Examination Of Some Ready To Eat Fruits Sold
  103. Analysis Of Industrial Waste Management Practice In Brewery Industry.
  104. The Problem Of Solid Waste Management In Nigerian Cities
  105. Assessment Of The Problems In The Management Of Urban Housing
  106. The Effect Of Land Use Activities On The Health And Safety Of The Environment
  107. The Relevance Of Tools And Machinery In Accident Prevention
  108. An Investigation In The Suitability Of Accident Sensor In The Control Of Industrial
  109. Rural Management As A Strategy For Reducing Rural
  110. Environmental Effects Of The Use Of Agro- Chemicals For Rice Cultivation
  111. Antibacterial Activity Of Honey On Staphylococcus Aureusescherichia Coli And Streptococcus Pyogen Isolated From Wound
  112. Hepatitis C Virus Among Pregnant Women People Living With Hiv Aids Attending Clinic
  113. Biocontrol Potential Of Bacillus Thuringiensis Isolated From Soil Samples Against Larva Of Mosquito
  114. Effect Of Different Carbon Sources On The Growth Of Antimicrobial Producing


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