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Sociology project topics and materials PDF and DOC download format for final year research undergraduates and postgraduates students in Nigeria from 2022 to 2023 academic session.

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Free Sociology Project Topics and Materials for Final year Students

In our research archive, we have lots of free sociology project topics for presentations and premium research papers in anthropology, medical sociology, family sociology e.t.c. And also, related research seminar titles and journals for final year students in the sociology department.

Below is a list of best sociology project topics and materials PDF documents for undergraduate students acquiring a degree in the college of education (NCE), National Diploma (ND), Higher National Diploma (HND), and Bachelor of Science (BSC).

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Contents of Sociology Project Material PDF Document

All sociology project topics listed below have their complete project materials (Chapters1-5) from the table of contents, proposals, journals, abstract, introduction, literature review, research methodology, data analysis, conclusion, recommendation, references/bibliography, and questionnaires.

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List of Free Sociology Project Topics and Research Materials PDF

  1. A Comparative Study Of Career Aspirations Of Students In Rural And Urban Schools
  2. A Sociological Analysis Of Coping Strategies Of Samaru Residents On Poor Water Supply
  3. A Study Of The Influence Of Home Movies On The Dressing Patterns Of Students Of Tertiary Institutions
  4. A Study On Effects Of Broken Homes On Child Development
  5. Accessing The Implication Of Hazard Facing Journalist Practice In Nigeria
  6. Admission Barriers Into Nigeria University
  7. An Appraisal Of Illiterate Mothers Perception On Birth Control (A Case Study Of Onitsha North L.G.A)
  8. An Assessment Of Maintenance Culture In Nigeria Air Force Printing Presses
  9. An Assessment Of Public Perception Of Women Participation In Politics
  10. An Assessment Of The Rehabilitatory Function Of Nigerian Prison Service
  11. An Impact Assessment Of Poverty Alleviation Programmes
  12. An Investigation Into Moral Decadence Among Youth In Efurun Community In Owvie Local Government Are Of Delta
  13. An Investigation into the Causes, Prevalence and Effect of Female Prostitution in Nigeria Tertiary Institutions
  14. An Investigation Into The Causes, Prevalence And Effect Of Female Prostitution In Nigerian Tertiary Institutions
  15. An Investigation Into The Smoking Habit Among Senior Secondary School Students
  16. Analysis Of The Rights Of Inmates
  17. Assessment Of Female Genital Mutilation In Nigeria Case Study Benin City
  18. Assessment Of Flooding Problems
  19. Assessment Of Nutritional Knowledge, Beliefs And Practices In Pregnant Women
  20. Assessment Of Poliomyelitis Immunization
  21. Assessment Of Reproductive Healthcare Services For Women
  22. Assessment Of Services Of The Physically Challenged
  23. Assessment Of The Efficacy Of Collective Bargaining As A Pathway To Conflict Management In Nigeria’S Public Sector Organizations
  24. Attitude Of Okada Riders Towards The Use Of Head Crash Helmet And Safety
  25. Attitude Of Undergraduate Youth Towards Democratic Values
  26. Availability And Accessibility As Influencing Factors Of Hiv/Aids Information Utilization Among Women
  27. Behavioural Problems
  28. Cause and Effect of Youth Unemployment in Nigeria
  29. Causes And Effect Of Marital Problems
  30. Causes And Effect Of Negative Attitude To Immunization Among Couples
  31. Causes And Effect Of Non-Communicable Disease Among Youth
  32. Causes And Effects Of Commercial Sex Work Among Akwa Ibom Girls
  33. Challenges And Prospects Of Christian Healing Ministry
  34. Checkmating Youth Unemployment In Nigeria: Fish Farming Option
  35. Child Abuse And It’S Effects In Our Society At Large
  36. Child Abuse And Neglect
  37. Child Labour (A Case Study Of Children In Benin City)
  38. Childlessness and socio cultural impact on married couples
  39. Construction Of Gender And Household Chores
  40. Coping Mechanism Among Unemployed Graduates
  41. Coping Strategies Of Unemployed Post-Secondary School Holders
  42. Corporate Social Responsibility And Social Economic Development Using Banking And Telecommunication Industries
  43. Correlates Of Personal-Psychological Factors On Organisational Commitment Of Workers Of Private Sectors
  44. Correlational Study Between Violent Cartoons And Anti-Social Behaviour Of Children
  45. Crime And Sustainable Tourism In Nigeria
  46. Crime And Violence As A Barrier To Gender Equality In Nigeria
  47. Cultural Belief And Immunization
  48. Cultural Practices And Infant Mortality
  49. Culture And Women Subjection
  50. Cushioning The Effect Of Cultism In Nigeria Tertiary Institution
  51. Declining Prison Facilities As Impediment To The Rehabilitation Of Offenders
  52. Determinants Of Capital Flight In Nigeria
  53. Drug And Alcohol Abuse And It’S Effect Among Secondary School Students
  54. Drug And Alcoholic Abuse Among The Youths
  55. Educating The Girl Child In A Polygamous Family In Nigeria
  56. Effect Of Broken Home On Children
  57. Effect Of Commercial Sex Workers On Girls In Nigeria
  58. Effect Of Divorce Among Hausa Community
  59. Effect Of Employment Opportunity On Career Choice Among Employed Youths
  60. Effect Of Exposure Youths To Pornographic Films
  61. Effect Of Pension Schemes On The Nigerian Workers
  62. Effectiveness Of Inventory Management In A Manufacturing Company
  63. Effects Of Drug Abuse On Mental Health
  64. Effects Of Staff Motivation On Job Performance
  65. Effects Of Stigmatization On Hiv/Aids Patients
  66. Effects Of Urban Renewal On Women’s Role
  67. Efficiency And Effectiveness Of Security Agencies In Nigeria Ports
  68. Employees Perception Of Staff Training And Performance In Guinness Nigeria Plc, Edo State Nigeria
  69. Entrepreneurship Education As A Tool For Reducing Unemployment In Nigeria
  70. Ethnic Affiliation And Resource Challenges In Nigeria
  71. Evaluation Of Job Mobility (Promotion) Of Male And Female Employees
  72. Factors Responsible For Child Abuse And Neglect (A Case Study Of Kaduna South Local Government Area Of Kaduna State)
  73. Factors Responsible For Child Abuse And Neglect Among Parents In Ika South Local Government Area Of Delta State
  74. Factors That Affect The Productivity Of Women Employees In Organisation
  75. Family Instability And Juvenile Delinquency
  76. Family Planning And Problem Of Population Control
  77. Family Planning As an Agent of Population Reduction of the Increasing Population in Nigeria
  78. Gender Dimension In The Use Of Family Planning Services
  79. Health Profile Of Prison Inmates In Nigerian Prison Services
  80. Home Factors As Correlates Of Academic Staff Job Performance
  81. Home Variable And Mal-Adjusted Behavior Among Adolescents
  82. Husband’S Involvement In Ante-Natal Care
  83. Impact Of Child Abuse On The Parents And The Public
  84. Impact Of Conflict On Agricultural Output: A Study Of Clash Between Fulani-Herdsmen And Tiv-Farmers
  85. Impact Of Keke Napep As Poverty Alleviation Strategy
  86. Impact Of Occupational Stress On Worker’S Performance
  87. Impact of Orphanage Home on the Child Personality
  88. Impact Of Orphanage Home On The Child Personality
  89. Impact Of Petroleum Product Scarcity On The Capacity Utilization
  90. Impact Of Poverty Alleviation Programmes On The Socio-Economic Lives Of Slum Dwellers
  91. Impact Of Rural Migration On Community Development
  92. Incidence Of Juvenile Delinquency Among Female Secondary School Students (A Case Study Of Benin City)
  93. Incident Of Urban Drift
  94. Indecent Dressing Among Undergraduates: A Case Study Of The College Of Education, Ekiadolor, Edo State
  95. Influence Of Celebrities’ Dressing Styles On Students’ Choice Of Clothing And Socialization In Tertiary Institutions
  96. Influence Of Family –Type And Juvenile Delinquency On Adolescent’S Involvement In Premarital Sex
  97. Influence Of Mass Media Awareness To Promotion Of Family Planning Practices
  98. Influence Of Parental Separation On Academic Achievement Of Secondary School Students’ In Educational District
  99. Influence Of Parenting Style On Self Esteem Of Children In Ugbowo Community
  100. Knowledge and Attitude of Early Childhood Care Education Students towards the Study of Early Child Education as a Course in Colben
  101. Knowledge And Attitude Of Students Towards Hiv/Aids
  102. Knowledge And Attitude Of Undergraduate Students Towards Homosexuality And It’S Implication On Social Adjustment
  103. Knowledge And Attitude Towards Hiv/Aids And Sexual Networking Among Intercity Commercial Drivers
  104. Knowledge And Practice Of Contraception Among Male Adolescent Students Of College Of Education
  105. Knowledge Of Sex Education Among Adolescents In Secondary Schools
  106. Knowledge, Attitude And Practice On Smoking Among Students In Nigerian University
  107. Knowledge, Belief And Attitude Towards Hiv/Aids Among Secondary School Adolescents
  108. Labour Welfare And The Industrial Relations In A Depressed Economy
  109. Leadership And Problems Of National Development: An Assessment Of Unemployment Problem And Movement Of Nigerian Youths To Developed Countries Of The World
  110. Livelihood, Living Condition And Coping Strategies Among Older Persons
  111. Microfinance And Economic Empowerment Of Women
  112. Nutritional Behaviour Of Pregnant Women
  113. Occupational Hazards Among Hawkers
  114. Occupational Safety And Health Hazards Among Employees
  115. Parental Background And Delinquency Among Youth
  116. Parental Influence On The Choice Of Career Among Senior Secondary School Students
  117. Parental Socio-Economic Background And Students’ Academic Performance
  118. Patterns Of Utilization Of Maternal Health Services In Primary Health Care Facilities
  119. Pension Reform Administration In Nigeria:A Case Study Of Edo State Civil Service
  120. People’S Perception Of Ageing: The Challenge Of The Older Adults
  121. Perceived Effects Of Sexuality Education, Socio-Economic And Cultural Factors On Sexual Behaviour And Reproductive Health Of Adolescents
  122. Perceived Influence Of The Work Environment On Productivity Among Administrative Staff
  123. Perception And Care Of The Aged Among The Adolescents
  124. Perception And Impact Of Campus Dating Among Students
  125. Perception Of Poverty By Women And Men And Their Coping Strategies
  126. Personality Dispositions And Academic Achievement
  127. Polygamy And Family Size As Determinants Of Students Academic Performance
  128. Poverty And Access To Justice (A Study Of Dutsinma Local Government Area)
  129. Problem Of Extended Family System On The Academic Performance Of Students In Some Selected Secondary Schools
  130. Problems Associated With Immunization Of Children Among The Illiterate Mothers
  131. Psychosocial Factors As Predictors Of Marital Stability Among Married Women In Private Universities
  132. Public Perception Of Drug Abuse Among Youths
  133. Public Perception Of The Activities Of Economic Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) In Curbing Corruption
  134. Public Perceptions Of The Effects Of Marital Infidelity On The Family
  135. Rehabilitation Of Ex-Cultists In Tertiary Institutions
  136. Relationship Between Child’S Rights Act And Girl Child Education
  137. Relationship Between Personality Types And Delinquent Behaviour
  138. Relationship Between Step-Fathering And Personality Development
  139. Resources Control Agitation, Causes And Implication
  140. Role Of Interior Design In Hospitality Industry
  141. Significance Of Family Planning In The Control Of Increasing Population In Nigeria
  142. Social Welfare Services On Handicapped Persons In Nigeria
  143. Socio Economic And Cultural Factors Militating Against Community Development
  144. Socio-Cultural Bases Of Child Abuse
  145. Socio-Cultural Determinant Of Domestic Violence
  146. Socio-Cultural Factors Influencing Student’S Career Choice
  147. Socio-Cultural Impact Of Childless
  148. Socio-Economic And Cultural Correlates Of Exclusive Breastfeeding Among Nursing Mother
  149. Socio-Economic Condition Of Mothers And Infant Mortality Rate
  150. Socio-Economic Impact of Crisis and Militancy on Tourism Destination in South-West Nigeria
  151. Socio-Psychological Factors Of Home Conflict As Predicators Of Academic Performance Of Some Selected Secondary School Students
  152. Sociological Perspective Of Spouse Behaviour And Its Effects On Academic Performance Of Students
  153. Sociology And Entrepreneurship: Contributions And Challenges To The Socio-Economic Development Of Nigeria
  154. Sport Coaching And Peace Building
  155. Stigmatization And Alienation Of Unmarried Teenage Mothers In Sub-Culture
  156. Street Trading And Rape: Causes And Effect
  157. Students’ Awareness And Attitude Towards Risk Factors For High Blood Pressure
  158. Teenage Pregnancy And How It Affects The Educational Development Of Our Teenagers (A Study Of Kaura Local Government Area Of Kaduna State.)
  159. The Attitude Of Men Towards Family Planning
  160. The Beijing Conference And Its Influence On Gender Equality
  161. The Causes And Consequences Of Cigarette Smoking Among Youth
  162. The Challenges Facing Prison Reforms In Nigeria
  163. The Contributions Of Vigilante Groups In Crime Control In Ethiope East Local Government Area Of Delta State
  164. The Contributions Of Vigilante Groups In Crime Control In Ethiope East Local Government Area Of Delta State
  165. The Contributions Of Women Organisations In Community Development In Nigeria
  166. The Determinant Of Induced Abortion Among Undergraduate Students
  167. The Determinant Of Users’ Choice Of Mobile Service Providers In The Nigerian Telecommunication Industry
  168. The Effect Of Drug Abuse Among University Undergraduates In Nigeria
  169. The Effect Of Family Structure On Juvenile Delinquency Among School Adolescent
  170. The Effect Of Gender Discrimination On Women Employment Opportunity
  171. The Effect Of Gender Inequality On Women Employment Opportunity (A Study Of Monrovia Street, Unguwan Rimi – Kaduna)
  172. The Effect Of Insurgency On Basic Education In Nigeria
  173. The Effect Of Population Growth On The Socio-Economic Development
  174. The Effect Of Sexuality Education Among Household And Adolescents’ Risky Sexual Behaviour
  175. The Effect Of Socio- Economic Background Of Students On Their Performance In Secondary School Certificate Examination
  176. The Effect Of Working Mothers’ Career On The Social Adjustment Of Students In Selected Secondary Schools
  177. The Effects Of Alcohol And Sexually Transmitted Diseases Among Uniform Men
  178. The Effects Of Drug Abuse On Student’S Academic Performance
  179. The Effects Of Drug Abuse On Students Academic Performance In Benue State University, Makurdi
  180. The Effects Of Unemployment On Youths
  181. The Impact Of Anti-Hiv/Aids Programmes Of Abs Television On The Sexual Habits Of Youths
  182. The Impact Of National Poverty Eradication Programme (NAPEP) On Economic Development Of Nigeria
  183. The Impact Of Over Population In The Socio-Economic Development In Nigeria
  184. The Impact Of Tourism In Alleviating Poverty In Nigeria
  185. The Implications Of Street Children On Security
  186. The Influence Of Alcohol Abuse On Health Behavior Of Youth And Older Adult (A Study Of Egor Local Government Area
  187. The Influence Of Child Abuse On The Social Adjustment Of Pupils In Primary Schools
  188. The Influence Of Domestic Violence On Family Relationship Among Couples
  189. The Influence Of Environment On The Academic Performance Of Students
  190. The Influence Of Fathering Style On Social Adjustment Among Adolescents
  191. The Influence Of Need Satisfaction On Proneness To Stealing Among Female Students
  192. The Influence Of Perceived Youth Culture On Social Orientation Of Undergraduates
  193. The Influence Of Reward Administration On Total Quality Management Implementation
  194. The Influence Of Self-Talk On Achievement Orientation Among Adolescents
  195. The Influence Of Socio-Economic Status On Marital Stability
  196. The Influence Of Televised Aggression And Pornography On The Social Adjustment Of Adolescents
  197. The Malevolence Of Nigerian Movies In Our Contemporary Society
  198. The Nature And Consequence Of Labeling Deviant In Nigeria
  199. The Nature And Consequences Of Juvenile Delinquency In Nigeria
  200. The Negative Impact of Women and Child Trafficking
  201. The Negative Impact Of Women And Child Trafficking
  202. The Nigerian Home Video Films: A Sociological Survey
  203. The Perception Of Undergraduate Students Towards The Use Of Contraceptives
  204. The Problems Encountered By Social Workers In Social Work Practice
  205. The Problems of Youth Unemployment and Rural Crime
  206. The Pronominal System Of Annang And The Concept Of Pronominalisation
  207. The Psychological Effects Of Inter Ethnic Conflicts On Social Health Workers In Nigeria
  208. The Role Of Citizens In Community Policing In Dutsin-Ma Local Government Area Of Katsina State
  209. The Role Of Gender In Administrative Positions In Nigeria Public Sector
  210. The Role Of Infertility In Marital Dissolution
  211. The Role Of Police-Community Relations In Combating Crime
  212. The Role Of Traditional Institution In Nation Building
  213. The Role Of Women In Nigeria Politics (A Case Study Of Egor Local Government Area)
  214. The Role Of Youths In Community Development
  215. The Roles Of Elder In The Promotion Of Healthy Living Of The Family
  216. The Sales And Usage Of Secondhand Clothing Among Nigerians
  217. The Social Cultural Factors Affecting The Use Of Family Planning
  218. The Socio-Economic Correlation Of Female Criminality In Nigeria [A Case Study Of Kaduna Prison]
  219. The Sociological Examination Of Single Parenthood
  220. The Spread And Control Of Hiv/Aids In Comprehensive Health Center
  221. The Statistical Analysis Of Poverty As A Disease In Nigeria
  222. Unemployment And It’S Effects On Nigeria Youths
  223. Waste Management Strategies Among Food Vendors
  224. Women And Property Inheritance In Nigeria
  225. Women Empowerment and Community Development
  226. Women Subordination In Religion, Occupation And Education
  227. Work Efficiency Of Port Health Employees; An Outcome Of Creativity And Ebola Virus Disease (Evd) Risk Taking Behaviour
  228. Workers Motivation And Organisational Performance In National Center Of Economic Management And Administration
  229. Youth Employment, Empowerment And Poverty Alleviation


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