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Computer engineering project topics and materials PDF download with seminar work for final year undergraduates and master’s students in 2020 and 2021.

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Free Computer Engineering Project Topics and Materials for Final year Students

In our research archive, we have lots of free innovative computer engineering project topics and premium research papers. And also, related research seminar topics and journals for final year students in the computer engineering department.

Below is a list of best computer engineering project topics and materials PDF documents for students acquiring a degree in the college of education (NCE), National Diploma (ND), Higher National Diploma (HND), and Bachelor of Science (BSC).

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Contents of Computer Engineering Project Material PDF Document

Our computer engineering project topics on this website have their complete works and materials and ready for instant download in PDF or MS-Word format. All computer engineering project topics on this website are free and the complete material comes with Chapters 1-5 including the Proposal, Abstract, Introduction, Literature Review, Data Analysis and Presentation, Conclusion, Recommendation, References/Bibliography, Questionnaires.

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List of Free Computer Engineering Project Topics and Research Materials PDF

  1. Use Of Network Activity Monitoring System To Solve Problems Case Study Of Benue Internal Revenue Service.Htm
  2. Themes On Telecommunication In Nigeria: Challenges And Prospects
  3. The Impact Of Digitization On The Nigeria Insurance Industry
  4. Teleconference System
  5. Scalability Evaluation And Improvement In Ip-Based Campus Networks: A Case Study Of Ahmadu Bello University Zaria Network
  6. Remote Patient Monitoring System
  7. Radial Distribution Network Modeling And Analysis Considering Power Flow And Reconfiguration (A Case Study Of Azare Distribution Network)
  8. Automatic Hand Dryer With Temperature Display
  9. Modelling And Structural Analysis Of The Ball-On-Sphere System Using Bond Graph Technique
  10. Modeling, Analysis And Simulation Of A Dc Grid Single Ended Primary Inductance Converter For Dc Load
  11. Modeling And Simulation Of A Grid Connected Solar-Hydro Hybrid System To Supplement Power Supply In Kaduna North
  12. Modeling And Evaluation Of A Simple Adaptive Antenna Array For A Wcdma Mobile Communication
  13. Microcontroller Finger Print Scanner Connecting User And Doctor
  14. Improving Fairness In Load Balancing Among Radio Access Technologies In Heterogeneous Wireless Network
  15. Improved Modelling Of Harmattan Dust Effect On The Cross Polarization Of A Microwave Access Radio Link Operating Between 15ghz And 38ghz
  16. Harmonics Mitigation On Variable Frequency Drive Using Single Phase Shunt Active Power Filter Controlled By Artificial Neural Network A Case Study Of Kiln Unit Of Dangote Cement Plant Obajana
  17. Expert System For Local Area Network Troubleshooting
  18. Easy And Efficient Method Of Producing Cheap And More Reliable Personal Computers For The Local Market.
  19. Development Of Measurement-Based Admission Control Algorithm For Edge Carrier Ethernet Network To Reduce Packet Loss And Improve Bandwidth Utilization
  20. Development Of Canny Operator Based Gui For The Measurement Of Optical Return Loss
  21. Development Of An Optimal Reconfiguration Algorithm For Radial Distribution Electrical Power Networks (A Case Study Of Zaria Distribution Network)
  22. Development Of An Internet Protocol Traceback Scheme For Denial Of Service Attack Source Detection
  23. Development Of An Improved Scheduling Algorithm For Multicast Services Over Wimax Networks Using Particle Swarm Optimization Techniques
  24. Development Of An Improved Integrated Routing Protocol For Opportunistic Network With Congestion Control Using Pre-Emptive Data Eviction
  25. Development Of An Improved Frame Level Redundancy Scrubbing Algorithm For Static Random Access Memory Based Field Programmable Gate Array
  26. Development Of An Improved Ergodic Capacity Of Underlay Cognitive Radio With Imperfect Channel State Information
  27. Development Of An Improved Dynamic Algorithm Toenhance Energy Saving In Long Term Evolution Mobile Access Networks
  28. Development Of An Improved Approach To Biometric Fingerprint Image Compression Using Coiflet Signal Transformation Algorithm
  29. Development Of An Improved Algorithm For Power Line Detection In Optical Images Using Frangi Filter And First Order Derivative Of Gaussian
  30. Development Of An Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm Based Energy Efficient Target Tracking Scheme In Wireless Sensor Networks
  31. Development Of A Video Frame Enhancement Technique Based On Pixel Intensity And Histogram Distribution For Improved Compression
  32. Development Of A Smell Agent Optimization Algorithm For Combinatorial Optimization Problems
  33. Development Of A Privacy Aided Trust Routing Algorithm Based On Social Similarity In Opportunistic Network
  34. Development Of A Modified Token Based Congestion Control Scheme With Adaptive Forwarding For Opportunistic Network
  35. Development Of A Modified Link Budget Forlow Earth Orbiting (Leo)-Based Land Mobile Satellite Communications System
  36. Development Of A Modified Fruit Fly Optimization Algorithm Based Linear Quadratic Regulator Controller For Aircraft Pitch Control System
  37. Development Of A Modified Bacterial Foraging Optimization Algorithm Based Black Hole Attack Mitigation Model For Wireless Sensor Networks
  38. Development Of A Fuzzified-Trend Mapping And Identification (Ftmi) Model For Fuzzy Time Series Forecasting
  39. Development Of A Dynamic Output-Feedback Regulator For Stabilization And Tracking Of Non-Square Multi-Input Multi-Output Systems
  40. Development Of A Discrete-Firefly Algorithm Based Feature Selection Scheme For Improved Face Recognition
  41. Design And Implementation Of Lighting Switching Control System (Interface
  42. Design And Implementation Of Network Security (A Case Study Of Uba Enugu)
  43. Design And Implementation Of Lighting Switching Control System Interface
  44. Design And Implementation Of A Wireless Menu Selection System For Electronic Queue Based Service Delivery
  45. Design And Construction Of Four-Way Traffic Light
  46. Design And Construction Of A 1kva Automatic Voltage Regulator Using Solid State Devices.
  47. Cyber Security For Gsm Data Protection
  48. Application Of Improved Bacterial Foraging Algorithm To The Optimal Siting And Sizing Of D-Statcom In Radial Distribution Networks
  50. The Effect Of Modern Communication Gadgets In Effective Communication And Learning Process (A Case Study Of Five Selected Private Schools In Oredo Local Government Area, Edo State)
  51. Sms Based Result Checking System For Faculty Of Science.Htm
  52. Response Time Improvement On One Time Password (Otp) Technique To Prevent Replay Attack In A Radius Environment.
  53. Remote Monitoring And Control Of A Refrigerator Using Gsm Interface
  54. Prediction Of Link Reliability In A Wireless Mobile Ad Hoc Network (Manet) Due To Path Loss Effects Using Weibull Distribution
  55. Modelling And Control Of Multi Process System Using Bond Graph And Decentralized Model Predictive Controltechnique
  56. Modeling And Stabilization Analyses Of A Microunmanned Aerial Vehicle System Using A Modified Radio Controlled-Based Helicopter
  57. Modeling And Prediction Of Rain Induced Attenuation On Gsm Bsc Radio Link (A Case Study Of Airtel Network In Kaduna)
  58. Modeling And Empirical Analysis Of Ieee 802.11b Distributed Coordination Function (Dcf) In A Multi-Rate Wireless Lan
  59. It Report On Atm
  60. Intrution Detection Prevention And Trace Back System
  61. Improvement Of Key Validation Efficiency In A Secure Mobile Messaging Application Using Sms-Based Public Key Cryptography (Sb-Pkc)
  62. Improved Design And Performance Analysis Of Similar Pole Ratio Dual Stator Windings For Six Phase Induction Machines
  63. Gsm Based Remote Switching System
  64. Estimation Of Detection Threshold For Spectrum Sensing In Cognitive Radio Using Adaptive Neurofuzzy Inference System And Monte Carlo Techniques
  65. Drug Procurement And Institution Tracking System
  66. Development Of Enhanced Differentiated Services Model Of Campus Internet Network: A Case Study Of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria
  67. Development Of An Optimized Routing Scheme For A Capacitated Vehicle Model
  68. Development Of An Optimal Extracted Feature Classification Scheme In Voice Recognition System Using Dynamic Cuckoo Search Algorithm
  69. Development Of An Improved Security Aided And Group Encounter Prophet Routing Protocol Of An Opportunistic Network
  70. Computer Based Scrabble Game
  71. Application Of Fuzzy C-Means Clustering And Particle Swarm Optimizationto Improve Voice Traffic Forecastingin Fuzzy Time Series
  72. Development Of An Improved Intrusion Detection Based Secured Robust Header Compression Technique
  73. Development Of An Improved Extended Dijkstra Algorithm For Software Defined Networks
  74. Development Of An Improved Edge Detection Algorithm For Noisy Coloured Images Using Particle Swarm Optimization
  75. Development Of An Improved Cultural Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm With Crossover
  76. Development Of An Improved Application Specific Tunelling Protocol Selection Scheme For Site To Site Virtual Private Networks
  77. Development Of An Enhanced Trust Management Scheme For Secured Routing In Opportunistic Networks
  78. Development Of An Acceptable Use Policy Framework For Ibbul Communication Network
  79. Development Of A Traffic Light Controller Model Using Artificial Bee Colony Based Adaptive Dynamic Scheduling Algorithm.
  80. Development Of A Robust Digital Image Watermarking Technique In Discrete Orthonormal Stockwell Transform Domain Based On Photon Polarization
  81. Development Of A Position And Trajectory Tracking Control Of Ball And Plate System Using A Double Feedback Loop Structure
  82. Development Of A Modified Real-Time Fault-Tolerant Task Allocation Scheme For Wireless Sensor Networks
  83. Development Of A Modified Handover Decision Algorithm For Inter-Femtocell Handover In Long Term Evolution Network
  84. Development Of A Modified East-West Interface For Distributed Control Plane In Software Defined Network For Wide Area Networks
  85. Development Of A Fuzzy Time Series Model Using Cat Swarm Optimization Clustering And Optimized Weights Of Fuzzy Relations
  86. Development Of A Firefly Algorithm Based Analytical Method For Optimal Location And Sizing Of Distributed Generation In Radial Distribution Networks
  87. Development Of A Distributed Big Data Fusion Architecture For Machine-To-Machine Communication Using Ensemble Learning
  88. Development Of A Deep Learning Based Vehicle License Plate Detection Scheme
  89. Design Of An Obstacle Avoidance Robotic Car
  90. Design And Implementation Of Network Activity Monitoring Sysytem. (A Case Study Of Anambra State Fedral Inland Revenue Services, F.I.R.S)
  91. Design And Implementation Of Biometric Ignition System
  92. Design And Implementation Of A Software Intercom On Lan
  93. Design And Development Of A Microcontroller Based Versatile Stepper Motor Control System
  94. Design And Construction Of Electronic Classroom
  95. Design And Construction Of A Microcontroller-Based Mains Switch Control System
  96. Application Of Bat Algorithm-Based Method For Multi-Objective Optimal Network Reconfiguration And Distributed Generation Placement In Radial Distribution Network
  97. Analysis And Optimisation Of Inter Cell Handover Dynamics In A GSM Network (A Case Study Of Airtel Kano, Nigeria)
  98. Design And Implementation Of Electronic Billboard
  99. Design And Construction Of Bidirectional Visitors Counter Using Micro controller
  100. Application Of Servomechanism As A Closed Loop Feedback


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