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Free Civil Engineering Project Topics & Materials for Final year Students

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Contents of Civil Engineering Project Material PDF Document

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List of Free Civil Engineering Project Topics and Research Materials

  1. The Use Of Computer In Civil Engineering
  2. Use Of Coconut Shell As Coarse Aggregate In Lightweight Concrete
  3. The Water Drainage Problems (A Case Study Of Imt Campus 3 Enugu)
  4. The Use Of Encased Timber As Alternative To Reinforced Concrete Columns
  5. The Stabilization Potentials Of Pulverized Coal Bottom Ash (Pcba) And Superphosphate Fertilizer Residue (Sfpr)
  6. The Evaluation Of Ceramic Waste As Partial Replacement Of Coarse Aggregate In Hot Mix Asphalt
  7. The Effect Of Periwinkle Shell Ash And Dust On The Compressive Strength Of Concrete
  8. The Effect Of Elapsed Time After Mixing On Bagasse Ash Modified Black Cotton Soil
  9. The Design Of A Fish Pond
  10. Strength Of Concrete Column Confined By Plastic Pipe (Fyc).
  11. Stochastic Evaluation Of Offshore Carbon Fibre Reinforced Concrete Platforms On Aluminum Girders
  12. Static Motion: An Exploration Of Stilt Dance Postures In Mixed Media Sculpture
  13. Verification Of Appropriate Temperature For Asphalt Pavement Laying: A Case Study Of Kaduna State
  14. Traffic Speed And Delay Studies In Uyo Metropolis: A Compartive Analysis Of Some Intersections Along Abak Road (Ibb Roundabout, Ukana-Offot Junction And Udo Eduok Junction)
  15. The Use Of Iron Ore Tailing As Admixture In Cement Modification Of Black Cotton Soil
  16. The Impact Of Highway Design And Construction Practice Defect On The Safety Of Nigeria Roads
  17. The Effects Of Rotational Inertia On The Response Of Dynamically Loaded Structures
  18. The Effect Of Elapse Time On The Geotechnical Properties Of Lime-Bagasse Ash Stabilized Black Cotton Soil
  19. Structural Grade Properties Of Some’ Selected Nigerian Timber Species: Chlorophoral Excelsa (Iroko); Khaya Senegalensis (Mahogany); Ceiba Pentandra (Araba); And Daniellia Oliveri (Maje).
  20. Structural Characterisation Of Concrete And Sandcrete Hollow Block Produced From Selected Cement Brands In Nigeria
  21. Stochastic Section Modulus Requirement For Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic Pultruded Beams
  22. Stochastic Assessment Of Nigerian Timbers For Bridge Decks In Accordance To Aashto Lfrd
  23. Stabilization Of Black Cotton Soil With Locust Bean Waste Ash
  24. Stabilization Of Black Cotton Soil With Lime- Iron Ore Tailing Blend
  25. Spatial Variation Of The Concentration Of Heavy Metals In The Vicinity Of A Dumpsite By Finite Volume Analysis
  26. Safety Analysis Of Structural Foundations Built On Abandoned Solid Waste Sites
  27. Reliability-Based Analysis Of Composite Solid Slender Timber Columns With Aluminium Laminates Using Selected Nigerian Timber Species
  28. Reliability Evaluation Of In-Situ Strength Of Reinforced Concrete Members
  29. Reliability Assessment Of Rc Continuous Beam Designed To Bs 8110 (1985) Criteria
  30. Reliability Analysis Of Optimally Designed Reinforced Concrete Frames In Accordance With Eurocode 2 (2004)
  31. Quick Response Travel Demand Modelling: A Case Study Of Zaria
  32. Quality Of Sandcrete Hollow Blocks In Plateau State
  33. Progressive Structural Failure Analysis Of Plane Trusses
  34. Probabilistic Analysis Of Reinforced Concrete Columns Subjected To Corrosion
  35. Potentials Of Processed Termite As A Stabilizing Agent
  36. Optimum Design Of Reinforced Concrete Raft Foundations Using Finite Element Analysis
  37. Optimization Of Bagasse Ash Content In Cement- Stabilized Lateritic Soil
  38. Models For Predicting The Structural Characteristics Of Sand-Quarry Dust Blocks
  39. Modelling The Biodegradability Of Sewage In Ordinary Pit Latrines
  40. Modal Split Of Work Trips Undertaken By Public Servants In Minna, Niger State, Nigeria
  41. Minimization Of Environmental Impact Of Energy By Optimization Energy Mix Technique
  42. Kinetics Of Lead Adsorption By Activated Rice Husk Ash
  43. Investigation On The Causes Of Pavement Failure Along Hillview Off Esbs Road Enugu
  44. Interactive Design Of Steel Roof System On Microcomputers (A Reliability Approach)
  45. Influence Of Fines Content On Water And Chemical Flows Through Compacted Lateritic Soil Liners
  46. Incorporation Of Reliability Into Nigerian Empirical Mechanistic Pavement Analysis And Design System (Nempads)
  47. Impact Of Stress On The Performance Of Construction Professionals In Nigeria
  48. Geographic Information System-Based Traffic Analysis Zoning Of Federal Capital City (Fcc)
  49. Finite Strip Analysis Of Continuous Thin-Walled Box Girder Bridges
  50. Evaluation Of Saw Dust Ash As Mineral Filler In Asphalt Mixture
  51. Evaluation Of Plantain Peel Ash As An Admixture
  52. Estimation Of Biogas Reactor Constants Using Multiple Regression Analysis
  53. Effects Of Particle Sizes On Bioremediation Of Crude Oil Polluted Sandy Soils
  54. Effect Of Locust Bean Waste Ash On Cement Modified Black Cotton Soil
  55. Effect Of Locust Bean Waste Ash On Lime Modified Black Cotton Soil
  56. Effect Of Crushed Coconut Shell And Polyethylene Terephthalate As Partial Replacement Of Coarse Aggregate In Concrete
  57. Distribution Of Engineering Properties Of Soils Used In Highway Construction In Nigeria
  58. Development Of Layered Elastic Analysis Procedure For Prediction Of Fatigue And Rutting Strains In Cement -Stabilized Lateritic Base Of Low Volume Roads
  59. Cost Evaluation Of Road Traffic Accident In Nigeria Using Human Capital Approach: Acase Study Of Abuja-Lokoja Road
  60. Comparing The Strenght As Blocks Made From (1) Cement And Lateritic Soil (2) Cement And Red Earth (3) Laterite, Sand And Red Earth
  61. Comparative Analysis Of The Strength Of Concrete Made From Various Aggregate
  62. Comparative Analysis Of Solid Wastes Management Procedures Of Selected Cities In Nigeria
  63. Characterisation Of Reinforcing Steel Bars In The Nigerian Construction Industry
  64. Cement Stabilization Of Black Cotton Soil Using Locust Bean Waste Ash As Admixture
  65. Bituminous Stabilization Of Clay Soils For Road Construction
  66. Bearing Capacity And Critical Normal Stress Distribution Of Soils By Method Of Variational Calculus
  67. Assessment Of Health, Safety And Enviromental Hazards And Risks In Construction Project Management
  68. Appraisal Of Construction Health And Safety Risk Management In Nigerian Construction Industry – A Case Study Of The Building Industry
  69. Application Of Modified Fmtlxlylz Dimensional Equation To Sludge Filtration Using Sludge Drying Bed
  70. A Appraisal Of Highway Maintenance Management In Nigeria
  71. A Study Of Crumb Rubber Modified Asphalt Slurry Seal Emulsions.
  72. Stabilization Of Black Cotton Soil With Iron Ore Tailing
  73. Span Optimization For Palmnut Fibre- Reinforced Mortar Roofing Tiles
  74. Risk Management For Sustainable Project Delivery In Nigeria Construction Industry
  75. Reliability-Based Analysis And Calibration Of Eurocode 5 Design Criteria For A Solid Timber Portal Frame
  76. Reliability Assessment Of The Strength Capacity Of Solid Timber Columns In Frp Laminates And Sprays
  77. Reliability Analysis Of Reinforced Concrete Bridge Decks Subject To Fatigue
  78. Recycling Of Waste Plastic Materials For The Production Of Ceiling Tiles Using Sawdust Reinforcement
  79. Quantification And Characterization Of Hotel Solid Waste In Calabar
  80. Properties Of Steel Fiber Mortar And Concrete
  81. Probabilistic Evaluation Of Horizontally Curved Aluminium Alloy Bridge Decks On Steel Girders
  82. Prediction Of Moment Capacity Of Concrete Slabs Singly Reinforced With Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics (Cfrp) Using Simulated Annealing
  83. Phytoremediation Of Hydrocarbon Polluted Soil Using Kenaf (Hibiscus Cannabinus L.) Plant
  84. Optimizing The Location Of Multiple Waste Discharge Points In Natural Streams
  85. Optimization And Modelling Of Rice Husk Ash-Clay Soil Stabilization
  86. Modelling The Effect Of Contact And Seepage Forces On The Failure Of Water Borehole
  87. Model Studies Of Groundwater Quality And Formation Characteristics In Phreatic Aquifers
  88. Modal Analysis Of Vertically Curved Concrete Fly-Over Bridges
  89. Materials Management Strategies On Port Harcourt Construction Sites.
  90. Iso-Safety Design Of Flat Slabs In Accordance With Eurocode 2
  91. Investigation Of Creep Behaviour Of Black Afara (Terminalia Ivorensis) Timber
  92. Integrated Solar And Hydraulic Jump Enhanced Waste Stabilization Pond
  93. Influence Of Effective Lengths On Reliabilityof Hot-Rolled Steel Columns
  94. Importance Of Timber In Civil Engineering Construction
  95. Hydraulic And Contaminant Transport Performance Of Compacted Lateritic Soil– Bentonite Mixtures Proposed As Waste Containment Barrier
  96. Experimental And Probabilistic Assessment Of Concrete Incorporating Expanded Polystyrene (Eps) Waste At Elevated Temperatures
  97. Five Component Concrete Mix Optimization Of Aluminum Waste Using Scheffe’s Theory
  98. Evaluation Of Rheology Of High Density Polypropylene Asphalt
  99. Eurocode 5 – Based Reliability Analysis Of Axially Loaded Solid Timber Columns Using Selected Nigerian Timber Species
  100. Effects Of Stabilization On The Performance Of Deltaic Lateritic Soils As A Road Pavement Material
  101. Effects Of Addition Of Carbide On Sewage Degradation
  102. Effect Of Mix Ratio And Curing Water On The Compressive Strength Of Oil Palm Shell (Ops) Aggregate Concrete
  103. Effect Of Crushed Coconut Shell And Polyethylene Terephthalate As Partial Replacement Of Coarse Aggregate In Concrete.
  104. Dynamics Of Orthotropic Plates Using Characteeristic Orthogonal Polynomial- Galerkin’s Method
  105. Development Of Transitional Probability Matrix Model For Pavement Design
  106. Determination Of The Suitability Of Cassava Starch As An Admixture In Cement Paste And Concrete
  107. Compressive Strength Of Concrete And Mortar Containing Ashes As Partial Replacement For Cement
  108. Comparative Analysis On The Strength Of Concrete Made With Local Gravel And Granite As The Coarse Aggregate
  109. Comparative Analysis Of The Compressive Strength Of Concrete With Gravel And Crushed Burnt Bricks As Coarse Aggregates.
  110. Comparative Analysis Of Mechanical And Manual Mode Of Traffic Survey
  111. Comparative Analysis Of Bioremediation Of Heavy Meals Using Micro-Organism And Plant
  112. Cement Stabilization Of Lateritic Soil Using Iron Ore Tailing As Admixture
  113. Bituminous Stabilization Of Laterite Modified With Lime For Use As Pavement Materials
  114. Bitumen Stabilization Of Laterite Pretreated With Heat As A Flexible Pavement Material
  115. Basic Soil Test On Sub-Grade Soil Material & Flexible Pavement Design On Road Linking – Ugwuaji And Campus 111, Imt; Enugu, Enugu State
  116. Appraisal Of Construction Management Practice In Nigeria
  117. Application Of Safety Program Elements To Risk Management Analysis In Construction
  118. Analysis Of Sandcrete Blocks Production By Using Different Sources Of Sharp Sands In Some Parts Of South-East Geo-Political Zones. Case Study: Enugu And Ebonyi State
  119. An Economic Consideration Of Pavement Overlay Design Strategies: A Case Study Of Bauchi – Jos Road
  120. Access To Improved Water Supply For Domestic Use In Ootunja Ikole Local Government, Ekiti State
  121.  A Framework For Rural Roads Accessibility Planning


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